You’ll never forget how your room looked as a kid. Flashbacks will always flood your mind every time you’re reminded of your early years. As a parent, making these lasting memories for your child is so important. You want to create the most heartwarming memories to last a lifetime. So, why be basic when you can be fun, cool, and futuristic? Make your kid's room a super cool bat cave (or else) with a fantastic neon sign design for kids, or even a custom neon design of your creation if you didn't find the perfect sign for you kid in our store.

Your boy is already a superhero, and how better to embody that than with a Batman neon sign on his room’s wall? Children mostly just associate with superheroes for fun, but the effects superheroes have on their growth and development is real. Kids aligning themselves with superheroes play a big role in helping them:

  • Express their creativity.
  • Build their confidence.
  • Practice self-regulation.
  • Develop empathy.

At Kings of Neon, we make eye-catching and creative LED neon lights. Since 2019, we’ve been creating neon signs from high durability LEDs — adding both personality and sparkle to spaces. We are a dedicated and creative team based in Australia. We also have locations in the UK, USA, Canada, and we’re soon opening a location in New Zealand.

Let’s explore a Batman neon sign and the incredible impact it can play in your boy’s life. We’ll also delve into neon signs as an emerging trend in home decor.

Why a Batman Neon Sign?

We all need something or someone to inspire us to get up when life kicks us... because life is going to. Something to motivate us to work harder, train harder, and push harder. For your son, who better than the caped crusader? Batman is the embodiment of a highly inspiring human superhero. He’s a little boy who turns his helplessness into a force to fuel his ambitions.

Batman Logo Neon Sign
Batman Logo Neon Sign

Bruce Wayne takes his sadness and rage and turns it into self-drive to fight for what he believes in. He understands his weaknesses but still goes out each day and saves the day. Batman is not a quitter. He gets hurt and falls but gets up and continues fighting. He’s got no superpower but uses his intelligence and will to fight against all odds. No matter how hard life kicks your son, he’ll never quit nor back down…just like Batman.

Personalise all that in a child’s room featuring, coupled with an amazing glow effect. It’s not just a neon wall light but a true inspiration.

The Amazing Features of LED Neon

Here, we’ll explore the features of LED neon, the type of neon that’s used to make the Batman neon lights, and how suitable it is in a home.

High durability LED strips in a light sign

Safe to Touch Technology

Thankfully LED neon lights are not dangerous. Traditional neon lights are a shock hazard in a home. They’re also prone to shattering due to their delicate glass tubing. On the other hand, LED neon lights are covered by solid acrylic glass, which does not shatter, making them safe for a home. Besides emanating high brightness, LED neon lights generate minimal heat making them ideal for a child’s room.

Flex LED Neon

Conventional neon signs are becoming obsolete, and LED neon signs are taking over. At Kings of Neon, we only use flex LEDs to make neon signs. It’s environmentally friendly and has the following advantages over glass neon.

  • LED neon signs use 15 times less energy than traditional neon lights
  • LEDs are wrapped in a protective polymer which makes them lightweight and flexible.
  • They’re less expense due to less energy consumed.
  • The versatility of flex LED neon signs enhances creativity in design for small or large spaces alike.
  • Higher brightness can be seen clearly from near and far.
  • Expressing a brand is easier due to the many choices of colours available.
  • Very low maintenance and can be cleaned while hot or cold easily with a damp cloth.
  • They retain brightness throughout their lifespan, and replacing them is very easy.
  • Materials can be recycled once out of use.

Traditional neon signs can only last up to 10,000 hours, whereas an LED neon sign can last 50,000 hours. To top it all off, LED lights are cheaper than glass neon.

Flex LED neon lights Traditional neon lights
Lifespan of 50,000 hours Lifespan of 10,000 hours
One foot of signage uses 1.2 watts per hour One foot of signage uses 20 watts per hour
Can be customised into any shape or colour. Fixed in terms of functionality.
Unbreakable and safe to touch Risks shattering and can get hot
Costs cheap and maintenance is cheap More expensive and high maintenance

All neon signs from Kings of Neon come with an adjustable brightness power supply with an included dimmer switch which is remote-controlled.

The world’s changing and now, neon signs are not simply a light-up sign for businesses. They’re now viewed as art.

FAQs about Neon Sign Light

Are Neon Signs Still Trendy?

In the past, neon signs have been reserved for bars and casinos. However, neon signs are now being used in homes to bring an artistic and fun warmth.

Not only do they add a spark in any room, but they’re futuristic too.

The fact that they’ve been modified to improve their efficiency and flexibility only means that this trend is here to stay.

High durability LED light sign

Where Should Neon Signs Be Placed in a Home?

Deciding to put a neon sign in a home is really cool and highly recommended by interior designers. You can place your favourite quote or family members’ names on a neon sign.

If you don’t want a wall sign, how about adding neon light table lamps to add extra lighting and make your spaces stylish and unique.

Neon style LED lights

Can I Make Neon Signs at Home?

A well-constructed neon sign can only be made by an expert. However, you can custom-make your own neon sign on our website.

Our Australian design team will then design the sign to your specifications. The neon sign comes readily configured and ready to install.

You can then follow our installation guide to install your neon light safely.

Buy Your Neon Art Today

Over the years, businesses have used neon light to stand out and attract the attention of potential customers.
Besides making businesses easier to spot, neon lighting is now being used in home decor more than ever before. Their high brightness and colourful glow can make any room sparkle.

Here’s what our customers had to say about our neon signs and delivery services.

Customer review
Customer Review

At Kings of Neon, we have a wide range of neon signs to choose from. Whether it’s for your child’s room, shop, man cave, or event, you’ll never run out of options.

You can custom make your own message: some motivation or affirmations or even your favourite song lyrics.

LED flex neon signs are lightweight, and you can install one yourself. All you have to do is to follow our installation guide carefully. Each order comes with an easy to follow installation manual.

For worldwide shipping, our team will communicate all the details for the delivery once you place your order.

If you still have lingering questions about neon signs, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

With flex LED neon, the possibilities are endless.

Get in touch with us now to inquire or make an order.