Australia’s No.1 LED Neon Sign

Australia’s Leading LED Neon Sign Company - Kings of Neon

Kings of Neon is the Australian Neon Specialists. They are Australia's fastest and most reliable Neon sign company in addition to using leading edgy 3D technology to ensure the designs are 100% accurate to the final product. Kings of Neon supply all shapes and sizes of premium quality LED Neon signs and Neon Lights in Australia which are perfect for wedding ceremonies, engagement parties, home, business and events.

Kings of Neon’s high quality LED Neon signs are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climates with most outdoor neon advertising signs available in high impact UV protected acrylic.

We cater to a wide range of customers with our custom neon signs made for either indoor or outdoor purposes. We have a fantastic range of designs available having over 500 products to choose from which makes us Australia’s NO.1 LED Neon Sign store.

With the best quality and best priced Neon signs, you can also design your neon sign in the ‘Design your Own’ tool on our website. You can add your name, sayings, quotes and other company information to create a more personalised business led neon sign.

From small businesses to large multinational corporations, Kings of Neon provide creative branding solutions worldwide. With our in-house and worldwide designers we make sure your branding and specific needs are met. We know that having a strong brand identity is a very important aspect of your business, and here at Kings of Neon we know how to strategically build and emphasize your brand identity with our teams of designers.

To get started, click here and take a look at our collections! Search keywords like business or quotes and you will get some cool signs and your creative juices start to flow. If you want to level up your game a notch then go straight to the custom tool and design your own sign! Then for the ultimate declaration you can get in touch with the custom specialists to make the sign of your dreams.