For many of us, our office space is a second home. We spend a considerable amount of time there throughout the year and as such, you want to make it as welcoming as possible. Just as in elegant jewelry, wall decor should be kept at a minimum to really make a statement.

It is easy to do this with an LED neon as they are quite extravagant and draw attention easily. For this reason, you only need a few, if any, additional decor pieces. Do you want to completely revamp your space from bland to out of this world? Here’s how to use neon signs to create that business accommodation both you and your customers never want to leave.

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Make Magic With Your LED Neon Light

Take your room from dull and uninspiring to welcoming and sensational with these 3 steps.

Step 01—Choose a Visual Theme For Your Room

A visual theme refers to rules or methods that are put in place to visually harmonize every part of a room. It helps to coordinate both utility and wall decor pieces to give an aesthetic and expertly put-together finish.

Starting with the basics, make sure the colour of your led neon goes well with your furniture, wall painting, and other significant features of the room.

However, there are so many other things to consider when choosing the overall vibe your room is going to have. As a savvy business owner, you need to think of:

  • Your clientele or customer persona and how they would respond to your theme. Would it make them feel comfortable or would it turn them off? Get inspired by your company’s current branding and do something your buyers will love.
  • The size of your room and what you can realistically do with the space you have. Some themes might be better suited for big spaces while some would be just right for smaller spaces.
  • Your budget and what you're willing to invest in your space. Some themes are more costly than others. Pick one that is the right fit for your current budget.
  • Sustainability. Can you work with this theme for the long term? Of course, you can always switch things up. But if you're looking to build a brand and make yourself easy to spot, you have to stick with one theme for at least a year.


Your decor choices portray the personality of your business. If your room would be Pinterest-worthy, it must have some character to it and that's a non-negotiable.

At Kings Of Neon, we have a “Design your own” feature where you can choose the lettering, size, colour and other design elements. You can basically create your own neon.

Get personalised recommendations and other items to help your neon light setup with every order. All shades of dreamy if you ask us.

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For inspiration, some popular room decor theme examples are:

  • Bohemian
  • Modern
  • Cottage
  • Contemporary
  • Scandinavian
  • Mid-century modern

Pro-Tip: Look up different colour palettes online or hire a professional to put together a brand kit for you.

For any theme you choose, the perfect neon light is just around the corner. This brings us to...

Step 02—Get The Perfect Cloud Neon Sign

A neon light is a terrific opportunity to help you stand out. They make an artistic night light and a beautiful way to draw attention to your business. As your statement piece, you have to choose the best LED neon for your business. There are a couple of things to look out for when doing this.

    • Choose a colour that supports the overall theme of the room. If you have a theme that embraces the calmness of the ocean, for example, a blue neon light would be appropriate. Double-check to be sure the colour palette that you decide on fits with your ideal client.
    • Go for lettering that matches your brand, both in typography and in messaging. You don’t want to go with lettering that your target audience or customers may find off-putting. If there’s even the slightest chance of that happening, then reconsider what you write on your neon.

      A hot tip here is to emboss your business’ tagline on the wall with flashy led neon. This will arouse interest and further enhance your brand. Who knows? It can even turn out to be free marketing as influencers are constantly on the lookout for cool places to take pictures. Let your business be that place.

      Good Times
      Good Times

      Step 03—Put It All Together

      Once you’ve picked a theme and decided on the perfect neon light, it is time to bring it all together. To do this, ensure that your lighted wall decor is placed in an area that would really give it the chance to shine, draw attention and be appreciated. Any led neon sign from us is built with safe to touch technology so you don’t have to worry if someone comes in contact with it. Zero harm.

      If you have a team, test out different positions and decide on the best one. You could ask the opinion of two or three loyal customers to see how it would be received from their angle. A lot of decor can easily get tacky if not professionally done and is generally harder on the eyes. To be on the safe side, opt for the 'less is more' approach.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Now that you’ve decided that neon lights are right for you, no doubt you have a few questions. No problem, we have you covered:

      How Long Does a Neon Light Last?

      How long a neon light lasts depends on several individual factors such as maintenance, the environment, brightness and usage. Indoor led neons typically last longer than outdoor ones for this reason. Those that are not used as often will also last longer.

      Every brand of new neon light you purchase at Kings Of Neon comes with a 50,000 hours lifespan. That's about 6 years up and running.

      Does an Led Neon Use a Lot of Electricity?

      A neon light does not use up as much energy as it seems, given the brightness of its glow, in fact it’s about as much electrical energy as a simple light bulb (around 60 Watts).

      LED bulbs convert 95% of their energy into light with only 5% used as heat. This is in sharp contrast with fluorescent lights which waste 95% of energy and only convert 5% to light. As a business owner, this can also help you save some coins on monthly energy bills.

      Is a Neon Light Eco Friendly?

      Good news for the eco-conscious, LED technology has been proven to use far less energy than other traditional forms of lighting. For one, the fact that LEDs last longer means that fewer bulbs need to be replaced or produced. Several manufacturing processes including packaging and transportation also happen less. This is great for the environment.

      At Kings Of Neon, we use top-grade LED flex to manufacture all our signs. A flex neon signage has solid-state semiconductors that allow you to save on energy consumption. It also does not contain toxic materials like mercury and phosphor. This translates to better value for money and increased safety.

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