Have you envisioned a perfect neon sign that’s always been missing in your interior and wonder if it can be done? Or want to design a unique neon light that’ll get people talking about your store but don’t know where to start?

Neon signs are easy to design, but if you’ve never done it before, it seems intimidating and easier to purchase ready-made signs. Before you get wrapped up in details of your custom neon sign such as font, colours or dimmer features, consider what makes sense for the space you’re working with. Start with these questions:

  • Where will you place the neon sign?
  • What do you want to achieve with the neon sign?
  • How can you match it to your overall visual aesthetic?

Neon light signs vary from personal notes written on the wall to modern neon signs popular with businesses who want to stand out or make a statement. Let’s explore what you should know when choosing the design of a customized neon sign and what are your options.

Design a Custom Neon Sign With Space in Mind

As you design your unique neon sign, consider whether it’ll be placed outside or inside and whether you’ll mount it on the wall.

Indoor Neon Sign

While traditional neon signs consist of glass neon tubes that can heat and be dangerous indoors, modern LED neon flex signs allow more freedom—making them safe for a kid's room.

If you can Dream it You can Do it! Walt Disney

Nowadays, LED neon signs brighten up the space of various businesses, and they’re widely popular for indoor use—from stores and food trucks to yoga studios and beauty salons. Your only limit indoors is the space.

Pro tip: Measure the area for your neon sign beforehand to ensure you get the size right when ordering a custom neon sign.

Outdoor Neon Sign

You’ll have more space for outdoor neon signs you plan to mount on your house walls or use to decorate the space at an event. However, our neon LED signs have to be plugged into the power socket—which gets tricky for outdoor neon lights.

Pro tip: For outdoor events or neon lights that you plan to mount on the walls of your house, ensure you have the power socket close by.

Will LED Neon Sign Be Placed on a Wall?

Custom designed neon lights can hang on your wall, be mounted as a part of your wall art shop or be placed on a cupboard. Each piece comes with pre-drilled holes, but even the shape of the backing of the custom design can be altered to suit your needs. Your custom-designed neon sign can be cut to the shape of letters or surrounded by an acrylic background.

This means you can choose the acrylic backing that’ll make the sign stable for it to stand on its own. This is handy if you’re not allowed to drill the wall of your rented apartment or use nails at a venue to create the perfect backdrop for a special occasion such as a wedding. Venues might not allow mounting the sign on the wall. In this case, acrylic backing can save your big day.

Define the Purpose of Your Neon Sign

What do you want to achieve with your neon sign? Do you want to:

  • Promote your business?
  • Create a specific atmosphere in your space?
  • Get someone a unique gift?

Custom Neon Light for Businesses

When we think about neon signs, the image that appears in our minds is that of outdoor storefronts—inviting people in.


Neon signs have been used in advertising since the 1920s. Nowadays, quality LED neon signs are slowly replacing glass neon tubes, but their purpose remains the same. The key difference is that you can promote your business using safer LED neon light signs in your interior.

For example, you can generate free advertising using trendy sayings or funny LED neon signs—people love to share them on social media, like Instagram. You can also light your custom-designed logo and make it part of your brand image.

Neon Lights to Set the Mood

Neon wall art elevates any space and you can choose the colours of your neon signs to suit your existing aesthetic. Stylish neon lights can contribute to the atmosphere in your home as well as shops or cafes.

Good Vibes Only Centred

Custom Neon Gift Ideas

Custom neon signs are also a splendid gift for your friends and family members because it’s a way to show that you know them well. That could mean ordering personalized writing (e.g. their name, their favourite sayings) or a visual outline that hints at their interests (e.g. fandoms such as Pokemon or Star Wars).

Bulbasaur Pokemon

Match the Neon Sign to Your Aesthetic

Neon lights can suit major city centres like New York, your man cave or a relaxing spa interior—as such, neon LED signs have the potential to fit into any space. While vintage neon signs are louder, and we often link them to the nightlife of large cities such as Hong Kong, modern neon signs for indoor use work well. Shops, home interiors and event venues all have certain themes or visual aesthetics and neon can lift that up.

Know Which Neon Sign Designs Are Possible

In your neon sign design you can:

  • Include your business logo
  • Customize the text
  • Order simple shape
  • Combine text and visual elements

For more complex neon signs, get in touch with our design team to make your neon dreams come true. Also, check out our collection of neon signs to spark your creativity before you design your own.

Choose the Right Font for Your Neon Sign

If you don't already have a logo that would look great in neon lights, you can choose a font that represents your brand the best to decorate the space of your business. Get a vintage aesthetic with the typewriter-style font on your custom neon or a modern feel with simple minimalist fonts. Our Australian design team will gladly assist you with choosing the right font for you after you contact us.

Mind the Colour of the LED Neon Lights

You can choose out of 15 available colours when making the sign. However, keep in mind that the sign is white when unlit—unless you choose a different colour with colour jackets. Think that neon is too bright? You can adjust the brightness of your custom neon light as well. When you get your custom neon sign, you’ll also get a remote you can use to dim the light and make it more subtle. There’s a party option if you want to go wild with it.

Choosing the Right Colour

If you use neon lights to promote your business, colours frequently used in advertising such as red, blue and green can help you stand out. This is based on the psychology of colours, according to which tones trigger different emotions. Colours affect how we feel and inform our purchases.

For example:

Colour Red Blue Green Yellow
Associated with:
  • Passion
  • Love
  • Strength
  • Excitement
  • Trust
  • Security
  • Loyalty
  • Safety
  • Envy
  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Optimism
  • Clarity
  • Warmth

In case your brand has consistent colour schemes that define its personality, design your sign with these shades in mind. The colour of the background walls is equally important when choosing the right tone for custom neon lights. Combine dark walls with brighter-coloured neon lights and vice versa. Contrasting surfaces help your neon to stand out even more.

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You can also opt for an easy wall made of grass or flowers when your custom neon is for a special event and use it as a backdrop for your sign.

Getting Creative With LED Neon Light Signs

There’s a lot to think about when choosing custom LED neon signs that’ll complement and fit your indoor or outdoor space—from defining the purpose of your sign to coordinating colours. Regardless of your final design, one thing’s certain—neon signs won’t go unnoticed. They’re fun to look at and they’ve had a way of coming back into fashion time and time again since they were first introduced in the 1920s. Neon signs are the future, past and present of interior and exterior decor all in one.


How Much Is a Custom Neon Sign?

The price depends on the complexity of the sign, acrylic backing, size and usage. Neon signs with special features or those made for outdoor use cost more.

How Long Do Neon Signs Last?

Our signs are made using the latest LED neon flex technology that has a 50,000-hour lifespan.

Which Is Better Neon or LED?

Both can help you stand out but LED technology is more energy-efficient than standard glass neon technology.

LEDs require 24 volts compared to neon that needs 12,000 volts to operate.