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Kings of Neon® is a leading manufacturer of the best quality and priced LED Neon Signs & Neon Lights in Australia. With over 20 years experience, we provide creative branding solutions worldwide – With our in-house artists and global connections to over 50 countries, we can access a diverse range of high quality products for any need you may have that involves signage or lighting. Kings of Neon® takes pride in being able to provide high quality neon signage and lighting at affordable prices. Our business has grown from strength to strength during the past 2 years – to keep up with increased demand for our services and products, we have set up regional offices throughout Australia and the U.S. The success of our products has led Kings of Neon® brand awareness to be recognized all around the world.

Wondering how long it will take to make your custom sign?

Creating a neon sign requires complex production techniques and artist craftsmanship, as well as a high level of technical expertise. The process must be very careful and precise; even the smallest mistake can destroy the sign's quality and integrity. Our company uses only the finest materials to make our signs, partnering with the most trusted and experienced manufacturers in the industry. As a result, signs are created with extreme attention to detail and high quality workmanship, resulting in distinctive works of art that will surely last for many years.

All of our signs are made to order so the turnaround time varies depending on if it is a stock sign off our website or a custom. For the quickest options you can choose a sign from the website and once we receive the order and payment through we will get it made and dispatched. For express postage we can get the sign out to you for 8-12 business days from payment. If you choose to do standard 15-25 business days from payment. Custom signs will take a little bit longer through the design process and if there are extra elements that you may want to include on the sign.

To get started, click here and take a look at our collections! Search keywords like business or quotes and you will get some cool signs and your creative juices start to flow. If you want to level up your game a notch then go straight to the custom tool and design your own sign! Then for the ultimate declaration you can get in touch with the custom specialists to make the sign of your dreams.