Installing a neon sign, a once considered a difficult and complicated feat, is now a pretty easy task. So what makes it easy nowadays? The difference comes from the difference in glass neon signs and LED neon signs (you can read here all about glass Vs. LED neon). When glass neon requires an expert to install, a LED neon sign is easy to install, and therefore our signs are very customer friendly, and therefore cheaper as the installation fee is nullified.


Unbox your sign, carefully hold your sign up against the wall of your choice, grab a friend to help if very long or heavy. Mark on the wall where your ideal spot to mount the sign is, making sure these match up with the predrilled holes on your neon sign.

Image of wall mounting a neon sign


Get your drill equipped with a twist drill bit and drill pilot holes exactly on the points you marked on the wall in step 2.


Unscrew the mounting. Place the longer hollow mounting pin up against the pilot hole.

Image of wall mounting a neon sign


Then place the smaller silver securing screw through the hollow entry. Screw the small silver securing screw through the hollow base and into the wall.

Image of wall mounting a neon sign


Place your sign up against these bases. Then simply screw the wider screws into each base, this will secure your sign onto the wall. Next plug the sign into the transformer and then into the wall plug. Its time to Light it up! #GETLIT

Image of wall mounting a neon sign

We believe that if you read this post you're most likely our customer and already purchased one of the Kings Of Neon designs. However, it is possible that you're still in the inquiry stage or got here just out of interest. If that's the case please view our collections for your new neon sign or contact our team for assistance