Nothing brings soul and adds the right vibe to your business more than a lighted or LED neon sign. I mean, think about it. How would your favourite cocktail bar look without the large flickering cocktail neon sign on the wall? A lot less fun, right? The large neon sign not only carries the promise of an exciting, unforgettable night, it also:

  • Attracts potential customers
  • Makes the business unique and stand out from competitors
  • Sets the right ambience for the establishment

But that's not all. Lighted neon signs can also be customized to fit any business from restaurants, bakeries, record shops and even office spaces. So no matter what business you run, there’s a neon sign for you in our huge collection.

Neon Designs for Restaurants

Restaurants and eateries are perhaps the most popular establishments in towns. This means the usual "OPEN" neon sign won’t cut it if you want to stand out. Instead, here are a few you can use to move one step ahead of your competition.

Warm Burger Logo Sign

Warm Burger Logo

There aren’t a lot of things in life more satisfying than a warm, large, juicy oversized burger. And to best capture this, the Warm Burger Logo would be the perfect neon sign. This versatile sign can be placed both at the entrance of your restaurant or inside as ambient lighting.

Order Here Neon

Order Here

Rather than having a plain wall or sticker in the ordering area, you can spruce up your restaurant with the ‘Order Here’ neon sign. This huge sign measures 35cm by 60cm (LxW), making it a wonderful way to catch the attention of passersby along the streets. It also comes in 12 vibrant neon colours to match your interior decor. The brightness of the neon light can be adjusted easily using an included remote dimmer in the package.

All You Need Is Love and More Coffee Neon sign

All You Need Is Love and More Coffee

When it comes to cool, hip, instagrammable neon flex signs, this logo tops our list. It’s also wonderful for all coffee lovers out there who want to spice up their home decor. Additionally, this sign is quite large, measuring 100cm by 100cm, and is available in nine bright led colours. Other features include:

  • Safe to touch technology since LED neon flex signs don’t emit heat like glass neon signs
  • Free remote/dimmer
  • Free mounting kit

LED Neon Signs for Event Venues

Apart from music, nothing sets the vibe right for parties like lighting. Think of cities like Tokyo, Las Vegas and Bangkok. They’re all considered top destinations for party-goers. But they also have something else in common; they’re seriously lit up and can even be viewed from space. The following LED neon lights might not be visible from space, but they can certainly get the party started.

I Love The DJ Neon Sign For Your Club

I Love The DJ

Don’t we all? This neon sign serves as the perfect backdrop for the DJ’s booth. It can also be used as wall art decor since it’s large enough to provide low ambient lighting. It’s available in many neon light colours, including red, purple, blue and green.

Live Music

Live Music

Perhaps you’re not into late-night parties. Instead, you prefer the warm intimate mood of live music and acoustic instruments. For such events, the ‘Live Music’ neon sign is a suitable fit as it adds to the mood and feel of the event and attracts customers.

In addition, it’s available in three sizes to accommodate both small and large venues. These include 50cm, 75cm and 100cm. So whether it’s a live music restaurant or an event venue, you can't go wrong with this neon sign.

Neon Sign Ideas for Weddings

Wedding neon signs can be used as decoration or as a bold statement piece. They also serve as gorgeous backdrops for the reception photos. When choosing neon signs for weddings, custom neon signs are an excellent choice since you can say exactly what you feel with the sign.

However, we have some touching ready-made signs that’ll make this big day more memorable, and therefore you should definitely get them for your wedding hall. And to top this up, you can also offer your clients custom neon signs with their names on it!

This Will Be Forever Neon

This Will Be Forever

Manifest good fortune into the marriage with this lovely neon sign. This sign sets the romantic mood for weddings, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. It also makes for a wonderful gift to show a partner how much they mean to the other. Not to mention, the classical font and large glow make it very Instagram worthy. Guests will be lining up for a selfie with this neon sign.

It Was Always You Sign

It Was Always You

This touching neon sign is a wonderful way to make that certain someone feel special on their big day. It’s available in 75cm and 100cm size versions and over ten different colours to match any decor. It can be used in weddings and also serves as a great anniversary gift.

LED Neon Lights for Offices and Corporates

Gone are the days where office spaces were plain and uninspiring. Today, many formal workplaces are incorporating vibrant colours and art into their spaces. This boosts the mood and performance of employees and inspires creativity. A corporation can also use custom LED neon signs for advertising to showcase the brand’s values.

‘Recycle’ Neon Sign to Show That Your Eco


With more and more consumers going green, the ‘Recycle’ logo neon sign is a great way to showcase the company’s environmental and sustainability values. It’s also a constant reminder to employees to recycle products that can be recycled. This neon sign is eco-friendly and doesn’t emit heat. Like all our products, this one is durable, with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

Dream Big

Dream Big

If you’re looking for a decorative and inspiring neon sign for your team, the Dream Big sign should be top of your list. It’s an especially suitable choice for the reception or waiting area, as it creates a relaxed atmosphere for clients. It’s a large neon sign measuring 100cm diagonally and is available in many dazzling colours.

Custom Neon Signs for Holidays

Neon signs are a wonderful way businesses can commemorate national holidays and special days of the year. From Halloween to Christmas, here are some of our ready-made neon signs for these special celebrations, and will elevate your busines' events to the next level.

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day

Wish your clients and guests a Happy Australia Day with this neon sign. Whether you’re throwing an office party or simply want to commemorate this special day, this sign will set the mood. It’s large, eco-friendly and, like all our products, comes with a free mount and remote dimmer.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

For Halloween fans all over the world, this neon sign is for you to celebrate the spookiest day of the year. We also design customised neon signs for local national holidays and deliver them to you wherever you are in the world.


  1. How long do LED neon signs last?

    Our neon signs are extremely durable with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours since they’re all flex neon lights rather than the less durable glass neons.

  2. Which is better, glass or LED neon?

    LED neons are better for several reasons. First, they’re considerably cheaper than glass neon. They’re also more energy-efficient, easy to install and more durable than glass neon since they use flex plastic tubes that easily bend into place.

    They’re lighter and require less maintenance, too.

  3. How do you make a custom LED neon sign?

    At Kings of Neon, you can easily design your own neon sign from scratch. You choose everything including the size, text, font, color, background and more to create exactly what you envision in your mind.

    After that, our Australian design team gets to work and builds your custom neon sign from scratch.

  4. Are neon signs environmentally friendly?

    LED neon signs are eco-friendly since they consume less energy than traditional glass neon signs