Nothing’s more gloomy than a dim and dingy pet store. With mediocre and muted lighting, you diminish your chances for walk-in customers to appreciate the adorable animals found in your store. This ambience can turn away prospecting customers—and your little fur babies will have to wait a little while longer for their new family to find them. That’s no good. These puppies and kittens need loving homes. ASAP!

Fortunately, there’s one way to connect them with loving families at a much faster pace. Neon signs!

From a customised animal neon sign to a pop tart cat neon sign, the bountiful creativity you can impart to your design can make your customers steal a second glance. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll raise their hands and arrive at the momentous conclusion, “Hey, maybe now’s the right time to get a pet!”. Ladies and gentlemen, here are some neon dog, cat, and turtle signs you can illuminate your store with.

ARF! You’re Now Entering the Dog Aisle

Nyan cat merch for march

Does your pet store have a section specifically for our favourite canine pals? If the answer is affirmative, showcase your pups with this lovely dog face neon sign! This neon dog light is designed with a sharp outline and round, expectant eyes that make you ask, "Who's a good boy?" And with barking puppies enticing any excited, soon-to-be pet owner to come inside the store, this neon signage is the perfect invitation. It denotes a horde of cuddly dogs that want a life companion more than anything

And hey, you’re not limited to hanging this snazzy sign in a pet store only! Whether you decide to hang it on your dog cafe, restaurant, or even your bedroom wall—you’re free to put this neon signage on any wall you wish. Even, whispers, the cat corner.

nyan dog

BONUS: Displeased dog signs are available, too, in case you want to express your disapproval for puns about to come your way.

Develop a Beautiful Friendship With Dogs and Cats

nyan cat merch for march

As the common adage goes, “Home is where your heart is.” If you have both a dog and cat at home or in your pet store, this sign can be the best show of affection there is! A cat and dog neon signage in the façade of your pet store can attract any prospecting animal lover. It lures them in and entices them to obsess over the feline and canine friends in your pet store.

If they choose not to take home a furry pal that time, they can at least encourage foot traffic and keep your store on their radar. After all, just one look into a domesticated animal’s eyes can spark a connection between them and the owner—one that’s irresistible and near-impossible to forget!

The cat and dog neon signage comes in a variety of colours, such as:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green

Proclaim Your Love for Turtles With This Signage

nyan cat merch for march

Surf’s up, bros and sisters! Does your pet store feature one or more of our favourite aquatic brethren—aka sea turtles? If so, this islander turtle shell neon sign is the perfect signage to hang in your aquatic shop. Why? Because this blue turtle shell neon sign will look alluring against the white and light-blue plastic and glass shades of your aquarium or fish tank. It’s a match made in heaven. (or, should I say, Atlantis?)

The signage of a turtle swimming freely embodies a chilled and relaxing image of the calm waves by the seashore, with fish and sea critters fluttering out and about metres beyond the coastline. Everyone loves the sea and surfing, so this will be a great conversation starter for your shop.

Purr-fect Cat Neon Signs

handmade rainbow nyan cat merch for march

The world can be divided into two subgroups: those who are avid cat lovers and those who are lying. I kid, I kid. But, in all seriousness, how can you not love our feline friends? They’re soft, sweet, furry, and oh so lovable. They also make up a big part of our ever-dynamic Internet culture—like the unforgettable Nyan Cat soundtrack (for better or for worse) and the quirky yet hip cat heart eye emoji. 😻

Whether you love cats or actively avoid them, a feline neon sign on your walls is absolutely the right place to hang it. For feline lovers, an emblazoned design of your cat, or any cat for that matter, showcases your undying affinity towards arguably the most purr-fect animal in existence.

For cat haters, of which I presume are a near-extinct breed, the hassle of cleaning after their litter is now eradicated in favour of an aesthetic design on your walls. If you’re adamant about your dislike towards actual cats, cultural icons or memes like Nyan Cor - a cat in a suit - enliven your rooms all the same.

And for lovely pet store owners, a brightly lit, snazzy, illuminated cat signage brings all the cat lovers to the yard. Or your pet store, for that matter. Whether it's a Nyan Cat or a well-dressed feline in a suit, decorate your room with some form of neon cat signage.

NEON for pet stores - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What Are Neon Animal Signs Used For?

It’s an eye snatcher. Just like a moth is attracted to a lamp’s light, neon signages are a great way to get customers to enter through your sliding door with its luminous glow. When placed in a strategic position, a good sign increases foot traffic and draws in prospecting pet owners.

How so? It adds a layer of personalisation to your storefront. It sends the message: “Hey, we’re open—and we have this to show for it.”

How Do You Hang Neon Animal Signs?

If you’re not hiring anyone to set it up for you, here’s how to do it:

  • Unbox your sign from the package. If the sign is heavy, grab a friend to help out.
  • Mark where the mount will be hung on your wall.
  • With a twist drill bit, drill pilot holes on your wall.
  • Give the mounting a good unscrewing.
  • Screw the silver securing screw in the hole. Then, screw the smaller securing screw into the hollow entry and the wall.
  • Mount your sign to these bases. Secure your sign by securing the wider screws into each base.
  • Plug the sign in your transformer, and plug your transformer into the socket to light the sign.

If you’re having trouble with any of the steps, we offer all-inclusive neon sign packages that include free installations. No more fuss in getting things mixed up!

Do Neon Animal Signs Resist Weather?

Yes, they’re weather resistant. Whether you plan to hang your side outside your store, in your garden, or the beachfront, these signs can persist against strong weather conditions.

In addition to that, they even glow bright enough despite the afternoon sun sitting high in the sky. Regardless, we offer 6-month warranties for outdoor signs and 18-month warranties for indoor signs.

How Long Does Shipping for My Neon Animal Sign Take?

Ordering from Kings of Neon? Great!

We take 5 to 10 days to get your sign up in your homes or stores. This includes customised signs that you can design on your own, alongside our store-offered signs.

And in case you were wondering, all our signs are handmade and ready to hang. We make any room pop with the right mix of friendly faces installing your signs to high-quality signages that we know you’ll love.

What are you waiting for? Contact us with your own design for your new neon sign now.