Coffee shops are sacred places of human interaction. It's where coffee aficionados grab their favourite mean cup of joe on their way to work. It’s also where they meet up and hang out with their friends and family for chit-chats after a long day. For some coffee lovers, coffee shops represent their much-needed me-time. It’s inside the walls of a coffee shop when they can finally pause, look around and just enjoy the feeling of being present in that moment.

Indeed, coffee shops are a key piece to making the world a beautiful place. That’s why it’s important to invest not only in the best appealing neon signs but also those whose message connects with the customers at a personal level, and what's better than a coffee themed sign in a cozy coffee shop.

The right neon coffee sign can add the extra allure that’s been missing by making your coffee space jump out from the norm. But if you’re not yet convinced a coffee neon sign is what your coffee shop needs, let’s find out why exactly you should take the leap.

4 Benefits of Neon Signs for Your Coffee Shop

There are many pluses to place a few neon signs in your café, on your glass window or wall, over the counter, to point to the exit and entrance or even to the comfort room. Using soft colored neon signs you'll create a great ambience in your coffee shop that will draw customers in, and will make them remember you and return. We'll give you 4 examples that'll demonstrate that.

Get Noticed 24/7 With Outdoor Neon Lights

neon sign with coffee logo; comes in an array of colours

The café culture is steadily booming in Australia, with records accounting for over 26,000 cafes and coffee shops in 2020. This means you can’t afford to bring your lifeless coffeehouse in to compete against Goliaths. You need to stand out. Incorporating the luminous glow of neon in your outdoor signage is a sure way to stay visible amidst the sea of competitors.

Not convinced? A national survey by the University of Cincinnati found that businesses that made their on-premise signs more visible and attractive made more sales. With custom neon signs, you can illuminate your coffee shop’s name and logo or put up a unique quote. There’s no limit to designs that can make your café attractive and distinct from the rest.

Place your outdoor neon sign in a strategic place with no obstructions and where passersby will easily see it. Let your sign shine all day and night and make it an effortless advertising strategy. An outstanding neon sign can even turn your coffee shop into a neighbourhood landmark. And since our electricity-powered neon signs are energy-efficient, you won’t have to worry about a fading glow or high electricity bills.

Drive Sales With an Eye-Catching Neon Open Sign

cafe open neon sign

Your coffeehouse boasts experienced baristas, and the caramelly aroma that wafts through the open doors to the streets is inviting. Let coffee lovers know the brew is ready by turning on your fiery red neon open sign. Your competitors will most likely have cheap LED lights or gloomy wooden signs to pull in customers, making you stand out from the crowd even more. Although this neon open sign comes in an array of 15 colours, choosing red has its pros:

  • It’s bright, bold and will catch the wandering eyes of hurried passersby.
  • It’s thought to arouse appetite, so you’ll have thirsty coffeeholics streaming in ready for their caffeine fix.

Create a Perfect Ambience in Your Coffee Shop

creating a nostalgic feel with a cafe neon sign; range of colours available

For many coffee drinkers, it’s not just the mouth-watering creamy latte that keeps them coming back for more. According to University of Oxford research, their loyalty is influenced by other atmospheric factors that make their drinking experience worthwhile. Your customers get a kick out of the cafe’s inviting ambience—cheerful baristas, friendly crowd, artistic décor, radiant lighting and a pleasant nutty aroma.

How about nailing both the décor and lighting with a glowing neon wall art? This custom neon will fuel your coffee shop’s atmosphere with positive energy. Once aficionados step inside, they’ll be confident that you’ll not only cater to their insatiable coffee palates but also nourish their happy thoughts. When choosing a colour, you can pick one that blends in with your cafe’s theme. Here are some decorating ideas:

  • For a modern style, go for softer hues such as white for a simple yet sophisticated look.
  • To match a rustic theme, you can surround your neon sign with a garland of lush greenery.
  • Choose bright yellow and red colours to turn your outlet into a fun, vibrant place.

With an array of colours available, you can go as minimal or as wild as you want your cafe to feel.

Generate Social Media Buzz With Your Neon Signage

trendy neon light for cafes; available in a range of colours

Rather than just focusing on complex digital marketing strategies to create awareness on social media, you can fall back on simple but reliable tricks like having captivating business signage. If your signage is exciting, unique, controversial or funny, people will want to snap a photo and share it on social media.

As your sign gets likes, retweets and mentions, people will remember your brand and want to be associated with it. Simply put, the buzz it generates will do the digital marketing for you. What better way to create great conversation starters than with radiant custom neon signs? This dazzling rock hand sign is the perfect example of Instagram-worthy neon signage. If your customers aren’t rock ‘n’ roll fans, you can promote this sign as an “I love you” sign language gesture.

Hang your neon signage where customers can easily take selfies, like in the seating area. You can also hang it outdoors to attract passersby and show what your brand is all about. Make it more fun by setting up a hashtag your customers can use or rewarding them with their favourite cup of joe for tagging you. Be creative and incorporate marketing tactics to help fuel the buzz.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Should I choose glass neon or LED neon for my café?

LED neon signs are better compared to traditional neon and a better choice for your coffee shop. At Kings of Neon, we use high-quality LED flex to make our neon signs. This ensures our signs are:

  • Durable and shatter-resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Affordable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Safe—made with safe-to-touch technology

Besides, LED neon is similar to glass neon but without the eye-sore protruding wires that glass neon tends to have in the corners. Thus, your cafe can still achieve the glamourous throwback feel associated with traditional neon—but with even more aesthetics.

How do I hang my neon sign in my coffee shop?

Our neon signs are easy to hang as they come with pre-drilled holes, heavy-duty hooks and a long, clear cord. Once you identify the right place to display your sign, just plug it in and watch your café light up. Remember to get a dimmer to adjust brightness levels to suit the occasion. We’ll give you a free dimmer and remote control for every purchase over $399.

How long do neon lights last?

Our neon signs have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. In addition, we’ll give you an 18-month manufacturer warranty for indoor use and a 6-month warranty for outdoor usage. So you can be sure that your money is well invested in your coffee shop's marketing and design when you buy a neon sign from us.

How soon can I get my neon sign?

At Kings of Neon, we hand make all our custom neon signs from scratch within 5–10 days. Once you design your neon coffee shop sign, we’ll get down to working and deliver within 5–10 days. If you’d like help in turning your ideas into neon, our in-house designers will gladly assist you. We’ll also run the design by you for your final approval to ensure it’s as perfect as you envisioned it to be.

Featured Image from: Flickr by Eden, Janine and Jim