Ice cream. That one guilty pleasure that you can hardly go a month, or even a week, without indulging. Ask any kid who might’ve discovered it by chance. Ice cream is the stuff of many a wish list. As an adult, you might enjoy savouring it in a restaurant with a low-key romantic ambience or while watching a movie.

We all know that nothing beats grabbing a deliciously dripping ice cream cone in the middle of a sizzling hot summer day, after all. Knowing how to effectively attract customers to your business using LED neon signs is essential. Efficient signs help you create opportunities for new customer relationships and maintain existing ones.

Besides driving attention and traffic to your store, neon light signs can also help you whip up some serious customer cravings—if you do it right. You’ll soon have your clients eating right out of your hand when you use your neon ice cream sign to create customer cravings by:

  • Keeping it simple
  • Making your sign compelling
  • Using the right sign for the right function

Keep Things Simple

ice cream

When it comes to first impressions, there’s only one. No surprise, then, that you'll want to pack as much helpful information into your neon light sign as you can. Don’t fall into this temptation. You’re far more likely to have better results if you dial back your instincts a little—keep things as short and sweet as possible.

After all, LED neon signs are like newspaper headlines. They're meant to give customers just enough information to help them in the moment, not tell the entire story. A simple ice cream logo twirl is an excellent way to grab attention, and customizing your logo into your neon sign will make it even better.

If you put up a LED neon sign that’s too busy, people will move on. The secret is to ensure that before you put up unique design neon signs as wall art, they prioritise one message with one focus and ask for one response. While people’s attention spans aren’t shrinking, they are evolving to be more selective.

You won’t be creating any cravings with a dirty, cluttered or poorly-made neon sign. Make your neon sign readable, graphically attractive and bright and colourful. The definition of a simple, readable neon sign will certainly depend on who the target market is. Nonetheless, smaller signs receive a 75% decrease in response compared to larger ones.

Consider whether your target customers:

  • Will be walking or driving past your ice cream neon sign
  • Are senior citizens or otherwise people with eyesight issues
  • Will have an easy time reading certain cursive and italic fonts

Make Your Sign Compelling

Treat yourself

Did you know that you could also use an LED neon light sign for more than green, energy-efficient room decoration? Unlike traditional glass neon, LED neon light signs can be more easily moulded into distinct shapes thanks to LED Flex technology. Make a compelling enough sign, and you'll nudge undecided customers into indulging their ice cream craving.

The modern-day consumer is completely oversaturated with advertising channels. This means you must ensure your signs carry with them the bonus of being unfamiliar. Such signs, when created with the best interest of your customers in mind, genuinely capture and hold the consumers’ attention without leaving them bored.

Whether they are LED night signs or LED neon lights with high-quality acrylic background, including an inventory tie-in is crucial. Tie-ins such as in this ice cream cold & tasty neon sign can be especially useful if your store is in an area where passersby aren’t familiar with your products.

Ice cream cold and tasty neon sign

The statistics show that:

  • 60% of consumers will not enter a business or store if it has no signs
  • 75% of consumers tell others about a business simply based on the signs it uses
  • 67% of consumers say they bought a product or service because a sign caught their eye
  • 76% of consumers enter a store or business they have never visited before based on its signs

Seeing as compelling signs are very important in the creation of customer cravings, you must pay close attention to colour themes. It helps if you understand the emotions and associations that colour brings us. While cool colours such as blue, green, or aqua give off a calm, trusting, and tranquil vibe, red, orange, and yellow colours are warm, and they give off a sense of excitement and optimism. Decide on the emotions you want to portray and design your sign to incorporate them.

Use the Right Sign for the Right Function

Ice cream

All signs aren’t created equal. That’s why there’s likely a slight variation between your outdoor and indoor signage. It doesn't matter if it's directional, promotional or otherwise. Say you decided to deploy some neon signs to help customers save time and find answers about the whereabouts of certain ice cream flavours. Directional signage would be the way to go.

Don’t get too witty, though. These signs exist to help time-pressed clients quickly locate the items they came in to grab. Directional signage needs to be concise and easy to read so that clients understand your message with the shortest of glances. Use large and bold fonts in highly visible colour schemes to help meet this goal.

Shopify explains that the easier your customers find what they came in for, the more likely it is they’ll rely on that convenience in the future. So, feel free to use directions, symbols, maps or other tools to convey navigational information to your visitors. If you wanted to give customers a great first impression of your product or store, then a bright and compelling ice cream neon sign would be your best bet.

Use LED neon light signage to advertise a particular product or promotion with convincing language or attractive imagery to create cravings. This MilkShakes Letter is a great example. With persuasive LED neon art signs or displays, you can influence customer flow by boosting their desire or need to try your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve taken a look at how you could increase cravings using an ice cream neon sign. Here are some frequently asked questions if you’re still unsure.

What are the benefits of LED neon signs?

In addition to being cheap, energy-efficient and free of hazardous materials, such as mercury, LED neon signs provide:

  • Easy setup and hassle-free maintenance. Unlike traditional neon lights, there’s no need to refill gas for LED (or Flex) neon signs. Welcome to the simple life.
  • Room for artistic creativity and expression. You get unlimited options for customization, so you can design signs in all manner of shapes and colours.
  • Much-needed visibility. It could be for a bridal banquet, your home décor or a business location. Neon signage boosts your impressions by capitalizing on the way our eyes are naturally drawn to light and colour, especially in the dark.

Can you leave LED neon lights on overnight?

Yes, you absolutely can leave your neon signs on!

LED neon lights are greener than traditional glass neon. They:

  • Last over 50,000 hours
  • Cost around 20% less to run
  • Assure you of 24/7 advertising
  • Guarantee low energy consumption

Leaving your energy-saving LED ice cream neon sign on is also a great way to keep your customers informed about your products, services or offers, even when you’re closed.

Since LED neon light neither emits heat nor gets hot to touch, leaving it on doesn’t pose a fire risk. And because it’s remote control dimmable, you also get to adjust the light setting to meet your needs and preferences.