The most important rooms in your home are undoubtedly the bedrooms. After all, you begin and end your day in the master bedroom, and the kids’ bedroom is your little angels’ living space. A bedroom should be a place that reflects your particular tastes in colours, moods and hobbies.

You don't want to get bored with your bedroom decor; that’s why we've assembled this inspiration guide. Jam-packed with 16 awesome neon light ideas, it provides creative ways to beautify your bedrooms with neon signs, so when all the other lights are off, and the neon lights are shining, they’ll look unique and feel magical!

Neon Signs for Your Master Bedroom

We highly value the importance of the master bedroom. It's the most private room in the house, with only a few people allowed inside. This is where you spend your time relaxing, recharging and reflecting on your day. So it only makes sense to decorate it with a stylish bed frame, excellent sheets and, of course, fantastic neon lights.

Love By the Moon

Love By the Moon

'Love by the Moon' can mean unconditional love, and with this neon sign in your bedroom, you can experience that emotion and feel as alive as ever.

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon

You can hang this crescent neon above your bed for a sound sleep under the beautiful, radiating moon every day of the month, even when she's not visible in the sky.

King & Queen

King & Queen

Are you and your spouse celebrating your new home together? If you're seeking the right decor to establish your kingdom, you can put this neon sign in pride of place above your bed.

You + Me = Love

You + Me = Love

Love surpasses age, culture and race. Though affection varies from one relationship to another, the simple thought of ‘you+me=love’ can give your partner the strength to persevere and overcome any challenge. Get this excellent neon sign for your bedroom and brighten your relationship every day.

Love is Love

Love is Love

Love is love irrespective of the nature of challenges we face. We always believe in sticking together no matter what life throws at us. With this neon sign in your bedroom, you can properly show your unity.

Love is love

When hung above the bed, it’ll provide a rosy, love-like night light in the room.

Wifey for Lifey

wifey for lifey

An awesome way to remember your lifelong partner in crime is to hang a sign in your bedroom with bright neon lights. Get your hands on our sweet 'wifey for lifey' neon sign to remind you of the queen of your heart every day.

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

Are you seeking the perfect decor for your bedroom? Maybe you're looking for the best way to say good night to each other. This relaxing neon sign could be just what you need to have on your bedroom wall for a peaceful night's sleep.

Neon Signs for Your Kids’ Bedroom

Your kids play, relax and study in their bedrooms. It's a do-it-all room for the household's youngest members—so it's only natural that these spaces require unique decorations. Kids have very distinct ideas about their bedroom decor, inspired mainly by big movie themes and memorable cartoon characters. And what better way to decorate their rooms than with our energy-efficient LED custom signs.

Superhero Neon Lights

With so many cool and unique superheroes to pick from, your kids might have a personal favourite. If they’re superhero fans, then you'll enjoy these awesome bedroom neon lights.



Do you remember wanting to be a superhero as a kid? Sadly, you lacked superpowers to combat villains.


Not to worry, Batman can inspire your kids to battle evil even if they lack superpowers!


Our long-lasting and high-quality Batman neon lights will bring out the Bruce Wayne in them. These are also excellent neon additions to your Batman memorabilia.



Since his debut 80 years ago, Superman has become one of the most popular superheroes in the world. His iconic slogan, 'truth, justice, and the American way,' has become more than a simple cliché, but the Man of Steel's core identity.

Superman's iconic

Get your kids this amazing neon light of Superman's iconic symbol and see how they’ll react to a newly lit room.



This neon light vividly depicts everyone's favourite wall-crawling, web-shooting, red and blue superhero.

red and blue superhero

If your kids are driving you nuts trying (and failing) to climb walls, you know which Marvel character to blame. But with these neon lights, they’ll have the typical Peter Parker luck. So get these Spidery lights for your kids.

Marvel character

With great neon lights comes great responsibility in locating the ideal wall space. So you can hang them opposite their bed for the ideal view before sleeping. This message comes from your friendly neighbourhood neon lights supplier.



With high-quality and durable neon lights from the Kings, let your kids get lit with Bruce Banner in his enraged, green Hulk form.


'HULK SMASH.' The Kings of Neon don’t support violence in any way, unless your kids are fighting off bad guys.

Whether these bad guys are a terrible day at school, a bad mood or anything else that makes them unhappy, they’ll figuratively smash them with the might of their hard work, personality and balanced mindset.

Cartoon Neon Sign Themes

Every child desires to have their room decorated in a variety of themes or styles. And what better way than with neon lights portraying their favourite cartoon characters?

Toy Story

Toy Story

This is a fantastic gift for your kid who loves to play with all his toys. Our neon 'Toy Story' sign is also a terrific way to bring life to the decor in your child's room or playroom.

To Infinity and Beyond

To Infinity and Beyond

Get this creative neon sign with Buzz Lightyear's classic phrase "to infinity and beyond." This subtle neon light is iconic to the children's animated film franchise Toy Story, making it an ideal addition to your kid's bedroom or playroom.

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

The Kings of Neon brings back the Lion King. Who doesn't wish they didn't have to worry about anything for the rest of their days? With ‘Hakuna Matata' neon lights, your kids may instantly transport themselves to the Pride Lands.

Light up their rooms with this roaring choice.

Cartoon Neon Signs for Your Kid's Bedroom

Mickey Mouse

One of the most beloved cartoon characters in the world, Mickey Mouse, is the leader of the House of Mouse and the Disney Company as a whole. This well-known mouse was the first cartoon character to be honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Chances are Mickey Mouse is a big part of your kids’ lives as he was yours. So get him for your kids in neon.

Pokémon Themed Neon Signs

Pokémon was popular in the 90s, and you can help your kids relive your childhood video games with these beautiful neon lights. They’ll love them for their brightness and, as a result, their magical potential to keep monsters at bay.


Pikachu will greet each other by touching their tails together and exchanging electricity through them.


Charmander is one of Pikachu's best friends.


Bulbasaur was born with a huge seed attached to its back that grows as he does.


Eevee can evolve into different forms.

“Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”

Get your kids these amazing Pokemon neon lights for their bedrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Neon Lights

  1. Are neon signs safe for bedrooms?

    Yes. A Kings of Neon LED sign is safer and lighter than its glass counterpart. So it won't shatter, get hot or emit any hazardous gases or mercury.

    It also consumes less power and has fewer wires than standard neon lights.

    It’s remote control dimmable, so as long as you don’t make it too bright, you should be fine.

  2. What is the most romantic neon light colour for a bedroom?

    Whatever your definition of romance is, here are seven romantic master bedroom colours to consider:

    • Romantic red
    • Rose and pale pink
    • Dreamy deep blue
    • Lively shades of orange
    • Rich brown tones
    • Passionate purple
    • Deep dark green
  3. What’s the best colour to sleep with LED lights?

    Colours near red on the light spectrum are thought to stimulate melatonin production (a hormone that regulates your body's natural sleep-wake cycles).

    Red light has a low colour temperature, which is much lower than regular sunlight, so it's best for sleeping.

    Red light also doesn’t disrupt your internal clock, as blue light does.

  4. How do you decorate a room with neon lights?

    It only takes a few minutes to hang neon lights.

    Our LED neon signs have holes on the acrylic backing, so you can hang them on the wall using a strong fishing line or screw.

    However, doing an entire home decor with neon lights may require a professional decor neon installer or electrician.

    With that said, here’s how you can decorate a room with neon lights:

    • Use neon lights to spell out specific words that evoke a particular mood in the home, such as welcome, dream, family, good vibes only, etc.
    • Use a neon sign to accent existing items in your home, such as a family photo or art on the wall.
    • You can add a futuristic element to a room by adding neon vertical lighting. This can be great for man caves, artsy bedrooms or den areas.

Featured Image from: Piqsels