When eating out, a great customer experience isn't just based on the food; the restaurant's interior decor and organisation also plays a vital role in the overall experience. Choosing a style for your business might be challenging—there are so many design and decor concepts to choose from. So you’ll have many decisions to make as you open your new restaurant. Fortunately, adding some stylish custom neon lights to your establishment can have a remarkable impact. It’s simple enough for even an amateur to do in a day, so you won't have to call in a contractor.

Because stunning restaurant interior designs are so crucial, let's look at these quality LED neon signs for restaurants that’ll entice your happy customers to return again and again.

Open Neon Sign

Open Neon Sign

There’s no better way to generate free advertising for your new restaurant than with our modern neon signs that read 'Open'.

Open 24 Hours

For example, this blinking ‘Open 24 Hours’ is a perfect sign to attract more customers. With the eye-catching effects of neon and the many benefits of LEDs, you’ll alert them of your presence.Order this custom neon light for your restaurant front and get people talking about the new eating joint in town.

Order and Pay Here Neon Signs

Order here neon sign

Once the customers step into your restaurant, these custom neon signs will immediately impress them. They'll have an easy time navigating their way.

Pay here neon sign

These signs will control the traffic patterns of your customers and shorten their waiting times.

Ladies and Gents LED Vintage Neon Signs

Ladies and Gents LED Vintage Neon Signs

Place a ladies and gents LED neon sign near the washrooms to direct your customers to the right spots for refreshment.

LED neon lights

With these visible LED neon lights, you can put a twist on the regular restroom signs and make your customers’ trips there more fun. You’ll undoubtedly attract many customers because it’s uncommon for businesses today to make a stylish attempt to decorate their restrooms.

Food and Drinks LED Neon Signs

A high-quality LED neon sign in restaurants and eating establishments is key to their success. Food and beverage LED neon lights will highlight your current menu offers and deals. Our custom neon signs are also ideal for adorning your restaurant and creating the desired atmosphere.

Burger Neon Sign

Burger Neon Sign

This one is for the burger fans. This neon light is as delicious as it is fantastic. It’s made with energy-efficient LEDs and colours that’ll make customers crave a juicy burger.

Burger Neon Sign

As the saying goes, a burger on the wall is worth a million on a plate. So get this custom neon light for all the burger enthusiasts visiting your eating joint.

Fries Neon Sign

Fries Neon Sign

Most people find fries quite irresistible, but customers need to know you sell them before they can order. This LED neon is a fantastic piece of custom decor for your restaurant to create a never-ending craving for your customers.

Milkshakes and Ice Cream Neon Signs


Milkshakes and ice cream are full of naughty ingredients, but these custom neon signs are just the kind of treats we'd all like to be given.

Ice Cream Neon Signs

These custom LED neon signs add a Malt Shop vibe to your restaurant, making it ideal for ice cream fans.

Hot Food Neon Sign

Hot Food Neon Sign

This neon light will make your mouth water. Most people prefer their food hot or warm because they enjoy both the smell and the taste.Buy this custom neon sign for your restaurant and watch how the customers react.

Fish and Chips Neon Sign

Fish and chips

Fish and chips are such an easy dish to order, which many people crave and enjoy. Whether it's attracting visitors or locals to try your restaurant's most popular dish, this custom neon sign will work like magic. So get yours now and start attracting customers.

Coffee and Tea Neon Signs

Coffee and Tea Neon Signs

Let’s face it, most people either drink coffee or tea. These two drinks are certainly a crucial component of their regular morning routine. It wakes them and stimulates their brains, allowing them to perform their responsibilities effectively.

Tea Green

Our coffee and tea neon signs are ideal for adding colour to your restaurant and a real eye-catching way to attract customers.

FAQs About Neon Signs

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Custom Neon Sign?

The cost of a custom neon sign can range from 200 USD to 1000+ USD.

The Kings of Neon is the most trusted brand to turn your design, logo or even your craziest ideas into a bespoke neon sign!

With that said, here are the factors that influence the cost of making a custom neon sign:

  • The size of the neon sign (bigger signs are more expensive than smaller ones).
  • The amount of text on the custom neon sign (more words or letters equals more cash).
  • The design and complexity of the neon sign (adding images and logos increases the price).

How Do You Make a Custom Neon Sign?

Custom LED signs from Kings of Neon are constructed with acrylic backing and LED neon tubing. The tube material helps diffuse the LED neon lights, resulting in a continuous neon glow.

Each custom neon sign is handmade into your specific design choice. The signs also have pre-drilled holes to hang on a wall or the perfect backdrop easily.

Here are some dimensions you can use to create your specific neon design:

Width (Inches) Width (cm) Max Letters Per Line
25 50 7
29 75 12
40 100 18
60 150 24
79 200 32
99 250 40

Our neon signs come with a free remote control to dim or brighten the neon lights to your liking.

They also come with a power adapter to quickly plug your neon light into a power source.

Is It Okay to Leave Neon Signs On?

Yes. There are no adverse effects of leaving your neon sign on 24/7. Since our signs are energy-efficient, your electricity cost will be minimal.

Our signs also have a safe-to-touch technology, so you won't have to worry about your signs heating up.

Are Neon Signs Bad for Your Eyes?

No. Neon lighting is just like any other type of light, so it's not harmful to your eyes. Unless, of course, you make it too bright for comfort.

But if you regulate the light to standard brightness, you'll be fine.