Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable way to show love? You are in the right place if you are searching for a way-out at Kings of Neon Neon shop. Neon signs are great because they make a statement. They say you’ve been thinking about your loved one. They also bring an excitement of their own. Why are neon signs so great? To start with, aside from their beauty, they are safe for the environment. You won’t find toxic components like mercury in them.

They are suitable for indoor use and come in many colours. They are easy to install so you can DIY install them. You also get a remote control for easy operation. Most people use a neon sign to attract customers to their businesses like diners and lounges. But today we’ll see how you can use neon signs for fun to express your heartfelt love to your friends and family. These include:

  1. Surprising your loved ones
  2. Decorating your house
  3. Making vacations memorable
  4. Spicing your wedding day
  5. Apologising and winning back love

Read below about wonderful examples and ideas about neon signs to show love to your loved ones, whether it's your better half, family or friends. A personalized neon sign for such an occasion is the ultimate gesture, as you could design signs with the names of the people you love, and even symbols and designs that hold a personal meaning to them.

Surprise Your Loved Ones with a Love Neon Sign

Everyone needs love. Of course you love your family and friends, but it comes out even better when you surprise them with a bright display of love. Are you planning to propose to your partner soon? You can complement the “Will you marry me” question with a love neon sign. Such a proposal is sure to be remembered for a long, long time. Another person you can surprise is your child. Do you just want to tell them you love them or have they attained a milestone? Have they graduated from preschool?

Imagine the smile on their face when they enter their room and find a colourful display of love from mum and dad. That light will never be forgotten. If you are wondering if it’s safe to hang LED neon in your child’s room, the answer is, yes it is. The lights are safe to touch and can be operated remotely. That means your child is safe.

Think also about welcoming back your loved one who’s been away. A cute love sign will surely be the ‘welcome sign.’ You may choose to surprise them at the door, when they enter the house or if you are up for it, at the airport. You’ll be sure to generate lots of smiles with these surprises. Because smiles are contagious.

Heart neon

Decorate Your House

If you are planning a makeover, this is the opportunity to take things to another level with a love neon sign. Beautify the new look with a sign that says “LOVE

Brighten each family member’s personal room with their names inside a love neon sign. This is a beautiful way to acknowledge each person’s personal space. You can hang the sign in the family’s living room to remind each member that they are loved and they should treat each other with love.

Every time you enter the living room, you will be greeted with love. It’s okay to have the sign in the living room. Remember, it’s dimmable by remote control so you can reduce the brightness to your liking. These lights have a long lifespan. They can be on for up to 50,000 hours. That’s a long time. It’s not one of those makeover items you’ll regret buying because you won’t need to replace it often.

Love wins neon sign

On Your Wedding day

The list of how to use a love neon sign wouldn’t be complete without the most love-filled day. The wedding day. Have your wedding planner add this to the decor. Or do it yourself. It’s easy. The sign could sit well behind the high table. Or you can have it hang at the top of the arch where you’ll say your vows.

Forever and always neon sign

You can also include a happily ever after together with the sign so complete the look.


Make memorable Vacations

Neon Kings deliver worldwide. You can give any delivery location and they’ll ship it right there. That’s cool because if you are planning a holiday, you can order the sign and have it delivered to your holiday destination. At a small fee you can have the hotel staff hang it in your room so it can be a surprise for your family when you all get there. You could also place it at your dining table to take every memory to a different level.

Imagine the nice pictures you’ll take with family next to the sign. They’ll never forget that holiday. You can make a vacation memorable for your loved ones even if you won’t be present. Make arrangements with the concierge for them to be met with the love sign and a bouquet of flowers when they arrive at their destination. The hotel staff can have it hanging on the wall or sitting on the bed.

Heart neon sign

Say Sorry With Neon Signs

All too often we hurt the ones we love. We are all imperfect and we honestly hurt others more often than we’d like to admit. When that happens, what should you do? The easiest way would be to make excuses for your actions rather than take the blame. Have you found yourself in a similar situation? A neon sign can help you. You don’t want to go around breaking hearts. But when that happens, it creates an ideal opportunity to show your love.

Find the right time to apologise. And then you can go beyond and above with the neon sign that proves your love for them is still intact. When you accidentally hurt your loved one, they may wrongly conclude that you no longer care about their feelings. That’s usually not the case. Why not make things easy for both you and them by reassuring them of your unending love with a love neon sign? You’ll be glad you did.

FAQS About Neon Signs

How Long Does LED Neon Last?

Neon lights last long with a guaranteed lifespan of over 50,000 hours. So it can last up to 15 or more years especially if it’s not always on.

Is Neon Light Safe?

Yes, they are safe. Both for the environment and for you. They don’t have toxic materials. Also, they produce very little heat and are safe to touch when they are on. They are safe for your child’s room as well.

How Does The Sign Work?

A neon light has a minimal amount of neon gas. The gas is under low pressure. When connected to electricity, the electricity provides energy that ionizes the neon atoms. The ions are attracted to the terminals of the lamp. When neon atoms gain enough energy, bright light is produced.

Why Do Businesses Need Neon Lights?

They are highly visible because of their luminous colours. They make signs visible from afar and attract attention easily. Bright pink or green makes being noticed a guarantee.

Even for personal use, they’re definitely worth it. If you are interested in beauty and class, then a neon sign is worth your time and money.