It’s no longer enough to simply wait for people to stop by your shop. Not without any effort on your part, at least. Businesses must be both consistent and persistent in vying for the attention—and the cash—of potential customers. Today, using as many combinations of attention-grabbing techniques as possible is a life-saving skill.

Ask yourself: Why would anyone stop by if there’s nothing appealing or attractive about your storefront? After all, it’s the front of your business—whether a bar, restaurant, or a store—that people in the street will see first. If they have no idea about the quality of your products or services, then it’s in that brief moment when they get a glimpse of your business that they decide if you’re worth visiting or not.

Ultimately, good signage is critical to attracting clients to your business. Whether it’s in the form of a custom neon sign, neon wall art, or vintage style neon light sign. Today we’ll explore how quality LED neon signs can be used to effectively attract customers by:

  • Conveying brand personality
  • Generating buzz and free advertising
  • Identifying with the energy conservation movement
  • Creating the right ambience for the business clientele

Neon Signs to Convey Brand Personality

Custom Neon Signs to Convey Brand Personality

It’s hard to miss neon signs when going down a street. The flashing lights, bright colours, and their ability to be moulded into all manner of shapes, make neon signs an attractive and highly noticeable feature. You can help consumers gain familiarity and deepen their trust with your brand by using stunning neon signs, while providing them with a quality experience and product.

Businesses don’t need to invest a lot of money to have bespoke neon signs designed, installed, or maintained either. So, they have more room to unleash their creative instincts when choosing the neon sign to go with their brand’s personality. A forward-looking business can create and design its personalised neon sign. By taking advantage of the available wide range of:

  • Fonts
  • Colours
  • Acrylic backing styles
  • Acrylic backing colours

By having a bespoke neon sign, a business stands to benefit as it communicates its unique personality and style. Hard Rock Cafe is one such business, and its Neon signs made it so famous that almost everyone on the globe knows it, without ever being near it. This restaurant’s neon signs, their fonts, colours, and design uniformity communicate its brand personality, or more correctly, they are its personality.

Think of your local garage or car showroom. Bars, clubs, and restaurants, not to mention jewellers and even tattoo studios, too, will usually have at least one custom neon light sign. Why? Because the ease of customizing personalised neon signs suits these businesses’ requirements. They can choose to communicate their brand personality with colourful and intricate designs, or perhaps quirky quotes that align with their image. Our designers can also add your logo and customize an already existing food and beverage related neon.

Indeed, survey results show that as many as 75.2% of respondents notice outdoor signage of a new or unfamiliar business. In comparison, 85.7% use the same signage to infer the personality or character of the business. When 62.7% of a survey’s respondents agree that sign design and aesthetics are critical, too, it’s wise to adopt a business practice that ensures the neon sign design you choose helps you tastefully stand out.

You do this by ensuring your custom neon light signs do not merely blend into the surrounding business landscape. To do so would create the perception that your business is nothing out of the ordinary. Instead, put up custom neon signs that not only convey your brand personality, but also create a buzz. While at it, you could aim to either inspire new trends or ride on current ones.

Generate Buzz and Free Advertising with Your Neon Sign

Free Advertising with Your Neon Sign

Since 64% of customers find stores with eye-catching illuminated digital signage to be more attractive, it’s no surprise that neon signs have become a huge trend in retail settings. Retailers have a strong incentive to jump in on the trend. After all, whether it's colour, design or font style, businesses keen to get their own unique sign have many options.

The boon? When done right, hundreds of potential clients will flood a store, take pictures of its custom-designed signs, and then post the evidence on social media. While on location, these curious customers will browse through your store and, if impressed, buy from you. Alternatively, they may direct their friends and family your way.

If this isn’t free advertising and marketing for your storefront, then what is? For starters, your business gets to benefit from increased foot traffic. You also get free marketing by having loads of positive conversation about your style and the products or services you offer. There is no better way to generate buzz and kick off the free advertising than by igniting curiosity.

Still don’t believe that neon signs generate a following, even on social media? A quick search on Instagram reveals that there are entire accounts with a massive following dedicated to neon. The Neon Museum, Neon Art Inspiration, and Neon Culture are some of the accounts that have supported the neon movement. The hashtag #neon, which you could use to capitalize on this trend, has been used in more than 15 million posts on Instagram. Others include #neonsigns and #neonlights.

Of course, you can always choose to approach an advertising agency to help you push out messages to your target clientele. There’s no doubt that you’ll add to your business marketing strategy by deploying neon signs. Remember that an indoor or outdoor custom neon sign will work for several reasons, including:

  • Directing customers to a specific location
  • Providing 24/7 advertising (as they are cheap to run)
  • Informing your customers about new products and sales
  • Motivating customers to spend money or take the next step towards the sale

Naturally, your neon light signs should be visible, legible and well placed to help you realize these goals. When you put up one custom or an entire collection of neon signs that also create buzz and generate a ton of free advertising thanks to impressed customers, then you’ve struck gold!

Green and Eco-Friendly with LED Neon Signs to Attract Customers

Go Green and Eco-Friendly

You might be wondering what going green and eco-friendly has to do with neon signs and attracting customers. Suspend your disbelief for a moment. Then, consider the results of a 2020 European Commission survey which found that:

  • 94% of respondents consider protecting the environment important to them personally, while 53% think it very important
  • 33% of respondents believe that ‘changing the way we consume’ is the most effective way of tackling environmental problems
  • 80% of respondents say that big companies and industries are not doing enough to protect the environment

More consumers are getting concerned about issues such as climate change. A business brand's environmental track record, therefore, has taken on new significance. Using LED neon light signs allows you to run an energy-efficient operation, and by signaling to your customers that you're an eco friendly establishment you're helping them to make the right choice. You earn certain bragging rights as an environment-friendly business, and you get to enjoy increased customer loyalty. More customers are happy and proud to be associated with you.

Your business doesn’t have to release the occasional sustainability report disclosing its energy efficiency and impact on the environment. By capitalizing on the clean energy movement on social media platforms or other environmentally conscious trends, you can communicate how eco-friendly your neon signs are.

LED neon signs are greener than traditional glass neon lights as they don’t emit heat or have any mercury content. LED neon lights are also recyclable and have no gases, glass tubes, or argon and mercury problems. They’re efficient too. Where one foot of old/traditional neon lights would use 20 watts of electricity per hour, LED neon signs typically use 1.2 watts.

Remember, customers do not just support causes with empty words. They put more of their money behind brands driven by values with which they identify. Indeed, 80% of consumers would pay as much as 30% more for products that highlight brand values they support, while 10% would even pay over 50% more. Investing in a custom neon sign that uses the latest neon flex technology could be just what you need to attract eco-friendly consumers.

Create the Right Ambience with Your Name Neon Signs

Neon Signs

Neon lights have long been associated with fun and loads of positive energy. Take a moment and consider some of the most vibrant cities such as Las Vegas, New York, or even Tokyo. You probably couldn’t picture them without calling to mind their custom neon light signs. In Hong Kong, for instance, the city comes alive at night with the splendid, showy neon light make-up that is not only visually stimulating but also a sign of prosperity and majestic beauty.

The Milky Lane restaurant franchise, too, uses LED neons alongside graffiti pieces, murals and 3D designs to style and create a hip-hop utopia and an urban feel for its clients. Great ambience can help fuel desire, and for a business keen to stimulate the desire to consume, there is no better illumination more suited to that purpose than neon. The takeaway? Neon signs work! Whether making bar signs or installing some custom-designed neon signs using the safe to touch LED Neon Flex tech in a restaurant, neon lights can help you successfully:

  • Create a party atmosphere
  • Energise customers
  • Entertain clients

What’s more, as many as 41% of consumers value store ambience—its appearance and atmosphere—more than its location, customer service, or even staff friendliness. Custom name neon signs for your bar or club only requires some easy wall mounting. The benefit is that it can help you change your ambience to emulate a stimulating and lively environment. You could decide to use your LED neon signs to create dynamic contrasts against low-lit interiors. This inexpensive tweak will give your business that modern yet retro feel.

Want to attract even more customers your way? Use playful phrases or quotes such as ‘good vibes only’ in your custom neon signs to help make your bar’s or store’s atmosphere feel welcoming or even glamorous. Whichever way you cut it, LED neon signs can be a great store attraction, drawing in more customers by creating an exciting ambience that dramatically adds value to their experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve given you some solid reasons why neon signs could benefit your business. Still not quite there? Here are some commonly asked questions that may help you get over the line.

What is LED neon flex?

LED Neon Flex is technology which is used to provide a flexible lighting design using light emitting diodes (LED) that meet both high quality and high brightness requirements. A custom neon sign made using the latest neon flex technology can:

  • Easily replicate brand colours
  • Provide controllable or easily dimmable lighting
  • Prove durable, lasting up to 50,000 hours or more
  • Provide an easy installation and hassle-free maintenance experience

What is the difference between LED and glass neon?

Does it matter what kind of custom neon sign you decide to go with? Here are some differences:

LED Neon Flex Traditional Glass Neon
Affordability Cheaper upfront costs, and easy DIY light tubes replacement if at all needed Higher upfront costs, plus high repair and maintenance costs (specialists are recommended)
Ease of Installation Very DIY. All you need are drilled holes for easy wall mounting. No special installation team necessary Specialist installation is advised due to the fragility, weight, and power requirements
Durability Made up of tough, flexible, and flame retardant PVCs Made up of fragile glass that shatters easily
Safety and Portability No glass that can break, no heat that’s emitted, and no lead or mercury at all. Lightweight enough to be used just about anywhere Glass breakage is a safety risk. Lead/Mercury leakage is also possible. Heavier weight makes static position installation ideal
Energy Efficiency Input voltage of 24V/120V translates to low power usage and lower electricity bills Input voltage of 3KV-18KV means higher energy electricity bills plus less environmentally friendly
Lifespan Around 50,000 hours of use Around 10,000 hours of use

Are neon signs brighter than LED?

An LED custom neon sign is brighter and can be seen from farther than a traditional neon sign. While LED lights can be seen shining even during the day, the light from glass tube neons is warmer, and thus more prominent at night.

Ense that you get high quality custom neon lights for your sign, however, by reaching out to highly rated and proven professionals.