Neon signs have made a huge comeback and many businesses have embraced them as a way of standing out in a sea of competitors. And it’s easy to see why.

They are:

  • Brighter than ordinary lights and breathe life into your shop
  • Light-weight and easy to mount anywhere you want
  • Durable and shatter-resistant
  • Customizable to any design or colour you want

Whether you want to drape your storefront with a vibrant pop of colour or add some pizzazz into your wall decor, Kings of Neon has endless options.

Neon Styles for Your Restaurant

Walk down the street and you won’t miss one or two flickering signs welcoming you to a restaurant. Rather than relying on overused ‘open’ signs, set yourself apart by drawing in hungry customers using mouth-watering custom neon food images. Here’s our favourite one for inspiration:

Hearty Burger Logo

Hearty Burger Logo

This appetizing neon art is the perfect showcase of the hearty burgers that await growling stomachs in your restaurant. It comes with fresh-looking buns loaded with toppings to poke your customers' cravings and make your restaurant the go-to place. Of course, you’ll have to make your real burgers juicy to meet the standards set. Besides using neon for advertising, you could also use them to spruce up your diner’s interior and entice your customers.

Good Vibes Only Sign

Good Vibes Only Centred

This insta-worthy custom neon light oozes positive energy and gives your café a stress-free ambience. It comes with an array of warm colours that will light up your space with an enthralling vibrance. With hues of red, green, pink, yellow, orange and white available, you can choose one that matches your décor or experiment with bolder shades for a more dramatic effect.

Neon Art Ideas for Weddings

Nothing sets the mood right and accentuates the venue of your big day than decorations. And with neon lamps, you’ll have more to dazzle your clients with besides colourful flowers, fancy furniture and luxe fabric. Whether you want to create an electric photo booth backdrop or a bold statement piece for the reception area, custom neon will let you go all out. Here are some ideas to tickle your creative juices:

Cheers to Love

Cheers to love

Love is in the air and this bright neon lamp will fuel the celebratory mood in any nuptial reception. It comes in a variety of colour ranges including bold red for the merrymakers and soft white for the minimalists. Flip it by surrounding it with glamorous flowers and create a picture-perfect backdrop for the couple and guests.

Better together Neon

Better together

This timeless neon lamp shines bright with promises of love and unity — perfect for a wedding. Use it as a unique centrepiece at the reception or a stunning backdrop for the photo booth. The best thing is your client can even take it home afterwards and add it to their home decor or use it for future anniversaries.

Animal Neon Signs Ideas

Don’t we all love looking at cute animal pictures? Research shows that watching fluffy animals can relax your mood and relieve stress. How about taking this science-backed idea a notch higher by hanging adorable animal-shaped neon art in your business to delight your customers? Check out this neon wall decor that would look right at home in your pet clinic:

Dog and Cat Heart

Dog and Cat Heart

A visit to the vet can be stressful for a pet parent who’s worried about their sick fur baby. This cute neon art lights up your clinic with a warm, homey glow and makes it welcoming and comfortable. It shines with the dedication you have for patients’ well-being and makes your clients feel at ease.

Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog

Want your customers to wear cheerful smiles when in your store? Give them colourful balloons and a fluffy dog. This bubbly custom neon is perfect for a pet shop, kid’s store or daycare to let your customers know you’re all about good vibes. It’s available in fun party colours including orange, pink and red or softer hues of white and blue.

Inspiring Custom Neon Lights for Corporates

In this era of brand image, you can’t afford to have dull grey walls stare at your employees and clients all day long. In fact, research shows that vibrant colours boost moods and increase employee productivity. Similarly, unique art and décor that showcases your brand’s value and commitment can endear clients to you. Here are some neon art ideas to light up your office:

Open Mind, Big Dreams, Wild Heart

Open Mind Big Dreams Wild Heart

Captivating quotes are a great way to show off your brand’s personality and this custom neon bares it all. Light up an entryway or create a focal point in the customers’ lounge with a warm icebreaker and exciting conversation starter. If you have a specific theme for your room decor, you can choose a matching shade from the wide variety of colours available.



As more consumers go green, they want to support and identify with brands that share their ideals. Display your sustainability goals with this eco-friendly custom LED wall art. Not only is it energy efficient and doesn’t emit heat or use mercury, but it’s also durable and recyclable. You’ll not only decorate your office space but also showcase your cause.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Which is better, glass or LED neon?

LED neon is better than glass. Here’s why; it’s cheaper, long-lasting, energy-efficient, low maintenance, longer lifespan, lightweight and easy to install.

At Kings of Neon, we make our signs with high-quality LED flex to ensure you enjoy all its advantages and still get that authentic glow attributed to traditional neon.

Are neon lights dangerous?

Our LED lamps are completely safe to use in your business. They are made with safe-to-touch technology which means they don’t overheat and remain cool. They also don’t contain mercury making them health-friendly.

In addition, our signs are shatter-resistant, reducing the risk of harm from broken glass.

How soon can I get my neon sign?

Your custom neon sign will be ready in 5-10 days.

Our Australian design team makes all our lights from scratch and ensures we turn your ideas into a radiant glow your customers will love. Design your neon custom sign and choose a chic font, favourite colour and the size you want. If you get stuck, we have qualified designers on standby to assist you.