Have you ever wondered why you can't help but stop and stare whenever you see red neon lights? Well, you’re not alone. Humans are hardwired to be attracted to the wavelength of light that’s emitted by red neon lighting. This is why customers always pay attention to good neon signs.

By taking the time to understand neon light and how it affects human physiology, many companies have transformed their marketing and increased their sales. You can use this to your advantage and drastically increase the number of new walk-in clients just by investing in a well-designed red neon light.

The Origin Story of Neon Lighting

The history of neon lighting is as long as it is fascinating. What started as another inert gas became the substance that lit up the night’s sky in many cities worldwide. In 1890, Sir William Ramsay discovered neon and three other noble gases. With this revelation, he changed the face of chemistry and bagged himself a Nobel Prize. Noble gases are well-known for being inert and this characteristic makes them unique in so many ways.

After discovering these rare gases, he then realised that when neon was sealed in a glass tube and a high voltage was applied, it gave off a special glow. He would go on to describe this glow as “a brilliant flame-coloured light, consisting of many red, orange, and yellow lines.”

noble gases glow in distinctive colors
Source: courses.lumenlearning.com

The process of perfecting the basic prototype of neon lighting took well over two years. After all the hard work, the results were astounding, and neon lights shone as no other light had done before. However, it would be more than 20 years before the first neon advertising sign to be used in Paris, and the rest of the world caught onto the flame.

Even though the first neon lights were simple, businesses were competing to get their logos displayed in neon lighting outside their buildings. With time, different gas combinations were used to create different colours. Timing devices were added to the mix, and different parts of a neon sign could be lit up in series.

Detail of Corning Glass Works advertisement
Source: sciencehistory.org

The dazzling displays created by neon lights attracted customers all over the world. The displays became bigger and more complex. Signs could be made with cursive script, different pictures, lines and geometric shapes. In the 20th century, neon lighting was a symbol of thriving commerce and entertainment. Now, neon signs can be found all over the world and their light still shines as bright as it did over a century ago.

The Benefits of Neon Lighting in the 21st Century

As technology has advanced, so have the possibilities of what neon signs can look like. It’s now possible to create entire artworks using neon, and you can use this to your advantage. A personalised neon sign can increase the number of customers that come into your shop. Did you know that neon signs have a cult following on social media? People will travel to any location to get a photo with a neon installation.

There are big social media accounts that are dedicated to neon signage, and several hashtags related to neon culture are always trending. Neon can be very influential if you’re looking for ways to get customers interested in your products. A customised neon sign can generate buzz on social media and give you a competitive edge over your customers.

In a recent study, 64 percent of the customers that took part admitted that they’d bought products or paid-for services just because of an eye-catching sign outside a store or office. That bodes well for businesses that are trying to get more customers through the door.

Good quality neon lights from a reputable manufacturer can last a long time. With adequate maintenance and care, a neon sign can be used for up to ten years. For companies that are looking for a long-term advertising solution that can start converting from the day they open their doors, neon signage is the answer.

Neon lighting is very energy efficient. An average LED neon light uses up to 70 percent less power when compared to standard lighting. This means that you can advertise 24/7 without worrying about spending extra money on power.

What’s Special About the Color Red?

Colour psychology has proved that red is distinctive in more ways than one. The colour red is associated with a strong emotional response and, in the right context, can be warm or alarming. Red is a paradox. It can be used to represent love and passion, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, it can represent anger and power. This is what makes it the perfect choice in neon lighting. No matter what your message is, it’ll get people to pay attention.

Color psychology for blue and red
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The fact that red evokes a strong emotional reaction makes it best suited for neon lighting.

Interesting Facts About Red Neon Signs

Red has been the subject of many studies. Each one has revealed more of why humans gravitate towards the colour red.

  • Red signs look closer than they are. If you have a red neon sign outside your shop, whenever potential customers see it, they’ll subconsciously feel closer to your store.
  • Red is at the end of the spectrum of visible light. Its wavelength is longer than that of all the other colours that we can see. If you want people to pay attention, the colour red is what you’re looking for. That’s why red is used for stop signs, traffic lights and danger warning signs on the road.
  • Red causes an increase in pulse rate, blood pressure and metabolism. It makes people feel more alert and aware of their surroundings. A LED neon sign outside your shop or at a party will make people feel more present and lift their mood.
  • In different cultures, red is a symbol for many different things. In Western culture, red is associated with passion and lust. Further East, red is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. It’s a colour that’s universally recognised, and it always gets viewers’ attention.

Happily Ever After

Why Red Neon Signs Are Attractive

Red neon signs are the top tier in marketing. They combine the charm of neon lighting with the added visual interest of the colour red. Their appeal isn’t only limited to advertising. Neon lights look incredible at parties and as part of home decor.

Red neon lights can make a wedding or engagement party more festive. Imagine the glow of attractive neon lighting as part of your photo booth backdrop or on a floral wall. The impact is undeniable, and the memories will last a lifetime.

Better together

How to Maximise the Impact of Red Neon Lights

Having a quality neon sign outside your store is important. But what makes it more effective is the design and message it gives to potential customers. A good neon sign must reflect the quality of the products or services on offer. Many companies use their logos in their neon signage, and that may work for big brands that already have wide brand awareness.

For smaller companies, a logo isn’t enough. The sign must give clients enough information on what you’re selling. At Kings of Neon, we aim to inspire with each of our signs. We have a capable team of creatives that help clients to craft neon signs with maximum impact. We work with small to medium businesses and design neon signs that get customers interested.

We ship our products all over the world and take the time to package our products so that they’re safe and secure until delivery. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 2-week satisfaction warranty on selected items. Send us your design for your new neon sign today, and we’ll get you started on the process of designing the perfect neon sign for your business.

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