Here at Kings of Neon we take great pride in caring for our planet and the environment we live in which is why we have chosen to use LED neon flex lighting from the beginning to ensure that we use the most eco-friendly option there is. We believe that protecting the environment is of great importance to us as a company and we will continue to do so.

When it comes to saving both money and the planet, LED neon lighting is the correct choice for your custom LED neon sign. We offer a variety of different colours and sizes and we cater for all personal designs and business logos.

Our LED neon lighting produces much less heat, lasts for much longer and requires a lot less electricity to emit. LED neon contains lots of small LED lights which therefore makes it energy efficient, it’s around the same power consumption as a standard household lightbulb!

Our LED neon has capabilities that differ from the regular traditional glass neon. Our LED neons are able to change colour, dim, or create a strobe effect as well as a few other features and modes.

SO what are you waiting for! Grab yourself a custom LED neon sign from us to day or purchase from our website and light up your life!