Kings Of Neon® is Australia's ultimate online neon sign shop. We are proud to offer custom made indoor and outdoor waterproof neon signs which are priced and designed to satisfy both the corporate branding needs, along with the most design savvy home decor & interior designers. Our range of neon signs Australia have been approved for use by Sydney City Council for exterior and interior use. With years of experience in the industry, Kings of Neon® takes great pride in offering premium quality LED neon signs, LED flex signs, LED letter signs and LED logo signs, plus much more. Our LED Neon Signs are superior in every way to genuine hand crafted neons as they are unbreakable, maintenance free and environmentally friendly as they use far less energy.

Neon signs are a popular form of decorating, and depending on the shape, size, and font of your text, they can create a plethora of moods. Below we have listed 6 neon signs that are sure to grab your guests attention at your birthday party and it’ll defs pass the vibe check.

1. ‘Lets party’ neon sign

So you have the music, now get the lights! With the ‘Lets Party’ LED sign you will create a party atmosphere everyone is sure to enjoy. The colourful electric neon sign can easily be hung on your wall with double-sided tape or with a few screws, so it is in easy reach of you when your guests arrive. With 16 different messages, including da-da-da-dahhh, it's sure to bring a smile to many faces.

2. ‘Happy Birthday’ neon sign

Looking for a way to decorate the venue at your latest birthday party? Well, if you're looking for something that is sure to catch everyones eye and bring something new to the party, then this stunningly designed LED Neon sign will certainly fulfil that.

3. 'Good Times' neon sign

Decorating the venue at your latest birthday party is one of the toughest tasks we know. It's hard to know what will work in a venue, and it's even harder to find something that is unique enough that not many others have brought before. This stunningly designed LED Neon sign will certainly fulfil this brief. Decorated in bright pink and they saying ‘Good Times’ - you can be sure this sign will look spectacular when hung up at your chosen venue.

4.‘Live Music’ neon sign

Neon signs are known for their ability to set a good mood and chill atmosphere. They had those awesome, beautiful neon signs back in the 80s and now, they're making a comeback but this time, with a modern twist. People have been using them to decorate their home or their business – here are some of the best neon signs to buy so your place stands out from the crowd.

What better way to welcome your guests than by lighting up the room with a bright and attractive neon sign? The pink and white color combination is guaranteed to draw eyeballs, as this piece will give your party or wedding reception a zing.

5. Create Your Own Neon

It's YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! You're having a PARTAAYY!!! You roll out the colorful neon birthday sign, your guests see it from down the street and they're in the party zone before they even walk inside your house. That's how fun neon signs are! And this personalized top 10 neon sign is going to bring life, design and a bit of bling to wherever you decide to put it. Makes a great housewarming gift too!!

6. 'Music Sounds Better With You’ neon sign

There are just certain things that are better with your significant other. Express your love and the love of music with this elegant neon sign. This sign can be placed inside your bedroom or living room, in your studio apartment, to give it a little bit of edge and glamour. It’s perfect as the backdrop for all those instagrammable moments, whether it be aesthetic photographs or parties! Just make sure you don’t forget to belt out your favourite song in the presence of this awesome sign!

To get started, click here and take a look at our collections! Search keywords like business or quotes and you will get some cool signs and your creative juices start to flow. If you want to level up your game a notch then go straight to the custom tool and design your own sign! Then for the ultimate declaration you can get in touch with the custom specialists to make the sign of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Neon Light Eco friendly?

Good news for the eco-conscious, LED technology has been proven to use far less energy than other traditional forms of lighting. For one, the fact that LEDs last longer means that fewer bulbs need to be replaced or produced. Several manufacturing processes including packaging and transportation also happen less. This is great for the environment.

At Kings Of Neon, we use top-grade LED flex to manufacture all our signs. A flex neon signage has solid-state semiconductors that allow you to save on energy consumption. It also does not contain toxic materials like mercury and phosphor. This translates to better value for money and increased safety.

How Long Does a Neon Light Last?

How long a neon light lasts depends on several individual factors such as maintenance, the environment, brightness and usage. Indoor led neons typically last longer than outdoor ones for this reason. Those that are not used as often will also last longer. Every brand of new light you purchase at Kings of Neon comes with a 50,000 hours lifespan. That’s about 6 years up and running.

Does an LEd neon use a lot of electricity?

A neon light does not use up as much energy as it seems, given the brightness of its glow, in fact it’s about as much electrical energy as a simple light bulb ( around 60 Watts). LED bulbs convert 95% of their energy into light with only 5% used as heat. This is in sharp contrast with fluorescent lights which waste 95% of energy and only convert 5% to light - this can also help you save some coins on monthly energy bills.