Your business gets only one chance to make a lasting first impression. You must use that the best way possible to rake in the profits, and what better to guide you on your journey than custom LED neon signs. Talk of neon, and the first thing that comes to mind is a dazzling view of Las Vegas, New York or Tokyo shining as bright as stars under hundreds of versatile neon signage. Considered among the most famous places on Earth, these cities have seen businesses use neon signs to attract customers for decades.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be doing the same. After all, a neon light boosts your brand’s personality by adding retro class and a quirky new age feel in just the right amounts. At Kings of Neon, we believe smart use of custom LED neon signs can help you make a statement and turn your store into a favourite among customers. Let’s tell you how.

The Advantages of Using Neon Light

Flexible LED neon wall lights have significant advantages over their predecessors that comprised glass tubes, gases and electrodes. Not only are custom neon signages more durable and last longer, but they also consume less power and are cheaper to operate.

Some of the advantages of using LED neon include:

  • Increased longevity
  • Customization options
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Energy efficiency

Increased Longevity

LED neon lights are among the longer-lasting lighting options available today. They have an average run time of 30,000 hours—a whopping 20,000 hours more than their glass predecessors, which could be used for about 10,000 hours.

You can leave them lit for long periods without worrying about damage. LED neon wall lights from Kings of Neon have an approximate lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Customization Options

Wrapped in flexible plastic tubes, modern LED neons are malleable. They can be bent into a lot of different shapes easily. Our Australian design team can help you design custom neon signs in case you don’t find something you like in our extensive catalogue.

Led vs Glass chart

Easy Installation and Handling

Neon wall lights are simple to set up. The ones from Kings of Neon come with detailed instructions, which make hanging them an easy task even for those who aren’t confident of their DIY skills. A neon light also remains cool to touch even after prolonged use and can be repaired or replaced easily. Made of acrylic, they’re nearly unbreakable and sturdier than older glass varieties.

Energy Efficiency

Modern LED neon wall lights need a 12v plugged into a 240v transformer compared to glass neons which need 18v. This reduces their power consumption by nearly 20%. LED neons use about the same amount of energy as a 60W–100W light bulb in your home. Moreover, they last way longer than traditional lights. Now, imagine the difference that makes to your power bill and environmental impact.

Eye-Catching Custom Neon Signs You Can Choose From

Home décor, store setups, quirky photo booths, event lighting—the list of things you can do with custom neon light is endless! Let’s explore the possibilities.

Home Décor

Home is where we’re our most authentic selves. No wonder we look forward to heading back to our cozy corners to unwind after a long day. And nothing makes a space more relaxing than the soothing glow of neon night lights.

Hands pray neon light

You can install one in to emit a warm white glow and create a quaint meditation corner where you begin or wind up your day in silence. Or go ahead and put up custom inspirational quotes in your bedroom or living room to kick-start your day on a positive note.

Find what you love and let it kill you

And kids are sure to love LED neon lights in their rooms of their favourite characters for the sheer excitement!

Christmas tree light neon

You can even replace traditional lamps with custom neon lamps or opt for a neon Christmas tree this year.

Store Setups

If you’re looking to install custom neon wall lights in a commercial setting, you’re in for a treat! From your store’s name written in neon to open, closed and welcome signs, and all kinds of store-front and indoor decorations, you can get it all at Kings of Neon!


If you own a café, you can display your entire menu in lettered LED lights or custom pictures of the fare you serve. You can even opt for neon lights to point to the ordering and payment counters.

Coffee Purple

And if it’s an apparel store, putting up a ‘Hello Gorgeous!’ neon sign near the mirrors in trial rooms is sure to help you make a statement. Your patrons will fall in love with themselves like Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl!

Hello Gorgeous
Hello Gorgeous

Eye-catching custom LEDs can also make you a favourite among Instagram users who’ll walk into your store to click photos with the neon sign. And you know very well that increased footfall is the first step to increased sales.

Event Lighting

Planning the perfect event—be it a wedding, or a birthday party, or a music concert—is no mean feat. But a custom neon sign can make the job easier by adding a touch of glamour to the decorations. Imagine taking wedding vows under the luminescent glow of a custom LED neon light. It’s magical!

together is a beautiful place to be

And once the celebrations are over, who’s to stop you from using those neon signs as custom home decor.

Til death do us party

Of course, you can opt for more quirky pieces for your birthday or bachelorette party!

Office Decoration

We’re serious! Setting up a custom neon light in your office space with an inspiring quote or humorous phrase makes the workspace warmer and more inviting. The splash of colour also helps your team be in a better mood and hence, more productive.

You can even highlight your company’s goal and operating principles in custom neon over an entryway or in the waiting area. They’re a welcome presence and a drastic improvement over the drab grey walls that stare at visitors in most corporate offices.

The Evolution of the Neon Sign

Nobel Prize-winning Scottish chemist William Ramsay discovered neon and other noble gases in the last decade of the 19th century.

But French engineer Georges Claude saw the potential of these gases in the commercial lighting industry. After years of experimentation, Claude introduced the first neon glass tube light at the Paris Motor Show in 1910.

With different noble gases being used to produce an array of colours (see table), the lights became an instant hit. They’ve only evolved for the better since then.

Gas Used Color Produced
Xenon Blue
Hydrogen Blue-violet
Mercury Vapor
Argon Violet
Water vapour Pink
Krypton Lavender
Helium Pink-orange

The neon lights you see today no longer use glass tubes and electrodes. Instead, they comprise tiny LEDs packed in flexible plastic tubes, individually programmed to emit different colours.

At Kings of Neon, neon products are available in myriad colours and can be hooked to remote control systems to produce various effects.

FAQs About LED Neon Signs

1) How do I install a neon sign?

Every custom neon light manufactured by Kings of Neon has a simple installation process. Our products have pre-drilled holes and come with detailed instructions. With all our neon signs, you also get:

  • Nails
  • Knotted wire
  • Heavy-duty hooks
  • Compatible electronic wiring.

You can also use strong double-sided tape to hang a light.

2) Do I need special power supply provisions?

No. Our neon light products are meant to be plugged directly into any 12V power socket. We provide customers in Australia with an Australian standard plug. Every international order is delivered with a plug, adaptor and transformer that comply with the requirements of the region.

3) Can I adjust the brightness of the lights?

Of course! We can provide you with a remote and dimmer for just $25. With that, you can adjust the brightness of any Kings of Neon LED to suit the ambience at your event or provide the correct lighting for Instagram-worthy photos. Reach out to us for any customization requests, and our capable Australian design team will be happy to help!

4) Are your products covered by a warranty?

Our neon signs enjoy a shelf life of over 50,000 hours. But even then, we’re happy to provide you with a warranty for faulty items as long as you’ve handled the lights with proper care. Our outdoor lighting products come with a 6-month warranty, while the indoor ones are covered for 18 months.

Don’t forget to browse through the detailed FAQ section on our website for answers to any other questions you might have regarding our products or about LED neon in general. You can also write to us, and we’ll be all ears!