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Neon initials heart


This portable indoor LED neon sign is perfect for the home, weddings, events or as a gift. Available ready made 54 cm x 35 cm on clear acrylic backboard with an Australian certified power-pack.

To order this sign in a different colour, select from the drop down menu.

Please note that orders can take up to 3-5 weeks.



Min Size: 50 cm wide 

Backing: Mounted on clear acrylic backboard, cut to shape   

Power source: This 12V neon is powered by an Australian certified power-pack, plugging into a standard powerpoint; or hardwired by a licensed electrician. 2m of translucent cabling connects to the power-pack which features an additional 2m of black cabling back to the socket. Indoor Use Only. 

(Note Only One Font Available)

Get your #LIT neon FAST!
Warranty for faulty items
6 to 18 months
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