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Bored of your spaces? Want a custom look that reflects your edge? Or maybe you need the perfect centrepiece for your special event or place of work? Whatever you need, custom neon signs in Australia may be the answer to all your problems.


Try and get bored with our unique, high-quality signs and slogans in your space. We dare you. 


Got a custom design idea in mind? We bring it to light!
We’re the Kings of Neon, but our customers are #KING


We bring you the highest quality, custom neon signs in Australia and we’ll do whatever it takes to bring your vision into a neon reality! Our custom design tool means that the only limits to your unique, neon sign is your imagination.

If you can’t seem to get your light exactly the way you’re envisioning it with our design tool, don’t give up! We can replicate almost any font style, image, logo, and even handwriting for an added, personalised touch.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your hands on custom neon signs in Australia:


  • Visit our custom neon sign creation page
  • Customise your sign by entering the words/phrase you would like it to display
  • Continue your unique design by selecting the size, font, and colour of your choosing
  • Confirm the price quote and add your order to cart
  • Add your address and payment details and complete checkout!
  • We will confirm the exact measurement of your custom neon sign before manufacturing it as the figures provided on our site are estimates.
  • Whenever possible, we follow the larger size quote.
  • Pick the ideal spot for your unique neon sign and get ready to transform your space!


When we say unique, we mean unique! You can create one-of-a-kind neon signs by customising more than just the words/phrases, size, font, and colour of your sign.

Our price quote includes 20 letters/symbols. If your dream design exceeds this limit, please contact us for a custom quote.


What are our #KINGS value-added services?

  • Coloured jackets on request for when your neon isn’t illuminated

All neon signs are white when they’re not illuminated, but you can change that with our coloured jackets that come in yellow, green, blue, red, pink, and orange!

  • Customised acrylics to make your neon pop!

We cut around the acrylic with a cursive font to give your sign a clean finish, as displayed below.

  • For non-cursive fonts, we use a rectangular acrylic backing

All our backing comes in a standard, clear acrylic. However, we also offer a variety of colours such as black, white, metallic silver, and metallic gold. If you have a preference for which acrylic backing you want on your sign, please include your preference in the notes section at checkout!

The options are limitless when you bring your vision to Kings of Neon!


Everything you need to know before getting #lit


Kings of Neon is dedicated to bringing you the best custom neon signs in Australia. Our designs are:


  • Made from LED neon light tubes that are economical and ecologically friendly
  • Don’t heat up so they’re 100% safe to touch
  • Possess low-energy requirements
  • Enjoy a lifespan of over 50,000+ hours
  • Have no toxic gases


Important measurements: Our LED possesses a thickness of 13mm, the minimum letter height for a basic font is 8cm (10cm for capital letters), and 10-12cm for cursive or script.


If your custom order exceeds 150-200cm, we may have to split your design over two separate signs. If you prefer not to split your sign into two, please let us know at checkout, so we can confirm if that’s possible.


We will confirm all the final details of your order to ensure you are happy with the design before we begin manufacturing your custom, statement piece.


Can’t wait to get your hands on the best custom neon signs in Australia?


We’d feel the same way.


We’ll ship your neon sign to you by courier or you can pick up your order in Wamberal, NSW. Shipping will be calculated at checkout and the delivery of regular orders will take up to 3-5 weeks.

Even though we know our signs are well worth the wait, we do accept rush orders. Please let us know if you have a deadline in the notes section of your order at checkout. You have the option of rushing your order for an additional cost, calculated at checkout.

We strive to deliver the best customer service possible and meet all your requests. However, please note that there are factors that may affect delivery, which may be out of our control. If we aren’t able to deliver your order within three weeks of order placement, we will refund your additional rush order


How to be a responsible neon owner


Our lightweight neon signs have an average weight of 3-5kg and come with pre-drilled holes in the acrylic backing for easy hanging and display.


You can use hooks, wire (fishing wire or thin wire), heavy-duty removable hooks (3M), and rope to mount your neon sign. Always take extreme care and precaution when hanging up your sign!


Your order for custom neon signs in Australia will include:


  • A 1-2-metre long, clear cord attached to your sign (the length of the cord will depend on the size of your sign).
  • An adaptor and transformer (compatible with your region) with a 1-2-metre cord, which will be connected to the clear cord and plugs into the wall.
  • All of our neon signs also come with a 12V Australian Standard power plug.


Want to take things to the next level?


To get the most out of your custom neon sign, we recommend getting your hands on our dimmer and remote.

This will allow you to play around with the brightness of your neon sign and get creative with the photos you take at your event, whether at a photo shoot, a wedding or even if you’re just kicking back at home!

Our price? Just $25.

Get #lit with the most creative, custom neon signs in Australia and soon in New Zealand, Canada, the US and the UK! Contact us to find out more about our international operations.