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Do you know what would be the perfect gift to give someone who is super chill, takes each day as it comes, and has a happy go lucky attitude towards everything? This #lit neon sign of the universal peace symbol! It could be put up in the living room or bedroom as decor, setting the right vibe every time. You could even use it to light up where you wind down for the day or chill out on the weekends, like your backyard or verandah. Give peace a chance with this neon sign that sym bolises peace, love, harmony, and good vibes, overall!

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Our Local Team will look after you every step of the way. With Kings Of Neon Based in Australia you always have a number to call and someone to speak to.

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Quality is Important, This is why we offer you 12 Months Warranty on all of our Neons. With a life expectancy of 50,000+ Hours you can enjoy your neon for many years to come!

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Our Kings Of Neon Signs are used all over the world - However especially in all of your favourite venues around Australia. We love working with businesses - and businesses love working with us.

Why? Because we understand what you want and what you need and how quickly you need it. So Start Getting Noticed Today!

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we put our clients’ name in lights.