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Neon LED Signs & Lights Australia

Welcome to Kings Of Neon! We’re Australia’s best neon sign company, and we’re here to help you plug in and make life a little brighter and a lot more fun. We are leaders in creating neon signage for businesses and individuals by helping bring to life (and light) ideas that will get you noticed. We’re able to deliver innovative designs and high-quality technology by utilising our relationships with some of the best and most trusted neon light manufacturers in the world. Our aim is to create exceptional quality neon signage in all shapes, fonts, colours and sizes at affordable prices to give your business, event or home the ultimate glow-up.

Innovative and creative signage solutions for businesses

Whether you’re managing a hair salon, graphic design hub, pilates studio or pop-up clothing store, we’re here to help illuminate your business with innovative and creative signage solutions. We’re experienced in creating neon sign symbols and quote neon signs for businesses looking to stamp their shop front or interior with a fun nod to the brand. At Kings Of Neon, we’re a neon sign company that likes to think outside of the box and can work with you to develop custom neon signs to help you get noticed. We go big, we go bright, and we zap fun into the entire design process. 

Bring a touch of magic to your next event or home

Not only do we provide signage for businesses — we can develop neon lights for your next event or to bring a unique interior design flourish to your home. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, anniversary, product launch, or simply want to add a neon sign wall decor to your home, we will work with you to say it loud and bright. Quote your favourite song with a music neon sign, bring festive cheer with a Christmas neon sign, say I love you with a bespoke neon sign for your wedding or get cheeky with a sexy neon sign.


Why is neon signage so popular?

Even though neon lettering and signage have been around for decades, modern technology and design developments have meant a resurgence in popularity. Many businesses will opt to use neon signs for shop fronts and interior wall decor as they act as an attractive marketing tool. Why say it with a plain sign when you can say it with a pop using neon signage? Similarly, plenty of individuals will buy neon signs to add a unique flair to their wedding, party or home.

Do neon signs use a lot of electricity?

In terms of electric-powered signage, neon signs are actually one of the most cost and energy-efficient options. However, if you’re looking to find savings, you might consider turning off your business’s neon signage overnight or during low foot-traffic times. 

Why is Kings Of Neon the best neon store in Australia?

Signage is such an important part of a business's marketing toolkit, and at Kings Of Neon, we know how essential it is to get this right. We work with some of the biggest and most trusted manufacturers in the world to make sure your neon sign not only looks great but has been designed using quality materials made to last. You can feel confident knowing that your signage will light up your business and impress your customers.

How much does it cost to make a neon sign with Kings Of Neon?

Our 50cm customisable neon signage starts at $250 and comes with a free dimmer and wall mounting kit. If you’d like to discuss design ideas with a specific budget in mind, reach out to someone from the team and we will be happy to assist. 

How long does it take to deliver a neon sign order with Kings Of Neon?

At Kings Of Neon, we want to get your commercial or personal neon sign to you as quickly as possible so you can start shining bright. When choosing from our collection of designs, your order will be dispatched within 7-10 business days for express delivery or 15-25 business days on standard delivery. For bespoke orders, we aim to complete the process in 4-6 weeks, from the design phase through to manufacturing your neon creation and finally shipping it safely to you. 

Get lit up with neon wall art in Australia

If you’re searching for the best neon sign company in Australia to bring your neon dreams to life, look no further than Kings Of Neon. Discover neon signs online by browsing our collection or uploading your logo to get started. Alternatively, you can get in touch with someone from the Kings Of Neon team to chat about your custom neon signage ideas.