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10% OFF STOREWIDE with code"2021"
10% OFF STOREWIDE with code"2021"


We at Kings Of Neon are serious about neon.

So much so, that day in and day out, our team is looking at ways to make your signage rock! We want LIT signage everywhere and for people to stand up and notice!

PLUS! We wanted to live up to our name of being the "KINGS OF NEON".

So we are listening to you as our customers and offering you something that others are not.

A one stop Neon SHOP!

So whether you need Glass neon for an event, Business Signage, Your House or literally anything else, please get in contact with the team here at KINGS of Neon!

P.S - So life does not get confusing - we only offer glass neon for specialised customer requests and our online range on our SHOP is LED Flex only.

So what are you waiting for - Contact us below and turn dreams into a LIT reality!




Phone Number:

Indoor Outdoor Hanging Mounted

Please tell us approximately how large you would like this sign to be,eg'60cm' or 'About 90cm by 30cm high'.If you aren't sure,we'll be happy to give you a recommendation.