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Sustainability in LED neon signage

Sustainability in LED neon signage

Here at Kings of Neon we take great pride in caring for our planet and the environment we live in which is why we have chosen to use LED neon flex lighting from the beginning to ensure that we use the most eco-friendly option there is. We believe that protecting the environment is of great importance to us as a company and we will continue to do so. 

When it comes to saving both money and the planet, LED neon lighting is the correct choice for your custom LED neon sign. We offer a variety of different colours and sizes and we cater for all personal designs and business logos. 

Our LED neon lighting produces much less heat, lasts for much longer and requires a lot less electricity to emit. LED neon contains lots of small LED lights which therefore makes it energy efficient, it’s around the same power consumption as a standard household lightbulb! 

Our LED neon has capabilities that differ from the regular traditional glass neon. Our LED neons are able to change colour, dim, or create a strobe effect as well as a few other features and modes. 

SO what are you waiting for! Grab yourself a custom LED neon sign from us to day or purchase from our website and light up your life! 

Podcasting studios and the benefits of LED signs

Podcasting studios and the benefits of LED signs

Advantages of podcasting studios is that they can be a source of income for several life coaches, entrepreneurs and any leaders or content creators. Like any form of content, podcasting can help you reach out to new audiences for your business as it builds familiarity. Listeners tend to subscribe to a podcast they like so they can regularly listen. As long as you're consistent, your audience is likely to continue listening. 

Nowadays, podcast hosts also share their live video when they start a new episode of discussion. And what is more exciting than seeing your studio is when you start decorating it!

Several of our podcast owners-clients requested different kinds of vibrant colors for their podcast title. For example, one client request for a particular wordings that says, #PodcastFever

And you can do the same too!

Let us know what design you’d want for your podcast studio, or a backdrop for your room when you go live! We can definitely gear you out with awesome samples!

New Business and LED signage

New Business and LED signage

Whenever we say new business, it goes along with a new marketing strategy!

One way to elevate your business is by creating an environment or studio that is bright and fun!

As one of the leading LED signage makers, KON was able to create several custom business logos and designs. Most of the time, our clients really loved the output!

Imagine using digital signage in your office, it will definitely create an environment that is friendly and interactive. Also, this can catch the attention of potential customers too!

How do you perfectly choose your new business LED signages?

If you’re looking for a perfect display solution, KON can help you figure out the right color and how to position it to your wall; either mounted or hanging.

Let us know your designs, shapes, and dimensions you desire and we will tailor-fit the best neon sign you can consider as one of your biggest investments.

Always remember, LED signs tell people about your business. They attract attention from people who are seeking the services and products you offer!

DM us for any inquiries, and we’ll sure be happy to help you out

Coachella 2022 lights up the way

Coachella 2022 lights up the way

It was the first weekend of Coachella this weekend and we are here to discuss the highlights. From the dusty grounds, the famous ferris wheel and Harry Styles we noticed some common lighting and lighting trends that were quite apparent in this year's Coachella. Kiki Van Eijk, was the fabulous dutch artist that was behind all of the lighting displays and sculptures that made up Coachella this year. 

Focusing on unity and connectedness, she hoped that her lighting sculptures would encourage people to gather together and make an effort to connect to one another and explore each and every other being. The initial aim for the lighting art pieces was to help people to feel like everything was almost back again in the music and music festival industry! Seeing all the lights lit up at night even through photos was a whole other feeling. We loved watching all the creative lighting shows and being able to see the vision that the artist was aiming for. 

Due to the circumstances involving COVID designers had major setbacks, but it was a bittersweet moment as they were able to create stronger ideas and also work on the improvement of the structure of each of the lighting art pieces. Each art piece has a different meaning behind it, however they all had one thing in common, which was connectivity, bringing everyone together after such a difficult time that the world has had!

Can’t wait for next year, fingers crossed we are able to work with Coachella and create something amazing! 

Why having a custom LED neon sign will elevate your home vibe

Why having a custom LED neon sign will elevate your home vibe

Do you want to make your home a happier place?

What about creating a mood?


One of the household items that keep positive energy is light and when you say light, I hear you! Neon signs it is!

A simple way to elevate the vibe of your interior is to mix and match different patterns onto your wall.

Our custom LED neon sign will be able to radiate your home, balancing that groovy and calm space within the whole house.

You can also choose which element or design you’d like to light your bedroom, your living room, your lounge area and even your kids room!

Wall decorations with cute sayings like “Live, Laugh, Love,” “Live Your Dream,” or other inspiring quotes add positive vibes to any room in your house.

It’s really up to you on which custom LED neon sign you’d like to add to your home vibe.

Which design really symbolizes your family?

Fun, witty, loving and romantic vibes are all just options.

You can always request a custom design from us, KON!

And always remember, legend, Home is the nicest word there is.