It was the first weekend of Coachella this weekend and we are here to discuss the highlights. From the dusty grounds, the famous ferris wheel and Harry Styles we noticed some common lighting and lighting trends that were quite apparent in this year's Coachella. Kiki Van Eijk, was the fabulous dutch artist that was behind all of the lighting displays and sculptures that made up Coachella this year.

Focusing on unity and connectedness, she hoped that her lighting sculptures would encourage people to gather together and make an effort to connect to one another and explore each and every other being. The initial aim for the lighting art pieces was to help people to feel like everything was almost back again in the music and music festival industry! Seeing all the lights lit up at night even through photos was a whole other feeling. We loved watching all the creative lighting shows and being able to see the vision that the artist was aiming for.

Due to the circumstances involving COVID designers had major setbacks, but it was a bittersweet moment as they were able to create stronger ideas and also work on the improvement of the structure of each of the lighting art pieces. Each art piece has a different meaning behind it, however they all had one thing in common, which was connectivity, bringing everyone together after such a difficult time that the world has had!

Can’t wait for next year, fingers crossed we are able to work with Coachella and create something amazing!