Businesses nowadays are creating advanced marketing techniques to promote themselves.

We usually want our business to be seen! Right?

Neon Signs are attractive, and awesome in the night time! But of course, it adds vibrance in the time too!

Imagine walking through an alley of cafes and restos, don’t you want to be seen using a bright LED neon sign?

Quick question you got on your mind?How do I turn my BIZ Logo to a custom LED neon sign?

Here at KON, we appreciate small and big business owners that want to level-up their space!

Our signs were built to last and 100% energy efficient.

We have here for you 5 easy simple steps on how your BIZ logo can be transformed into a magical neon sign.

First, there are two ways on how you can contact us to help you do a custom neon sign. One is on our website, and the second one is by personally messaging us.

Once we receive your logo, we will finalize all necessary details like sizes, colors, mounting option, shipping concerns and any additional requests from you.

Our team is 100% customer friendly and we really would want to talk to you personally about your sign, so upon receiving your contact details, our admin and sales team will call you to chat about the ideal logo you had in mind.

After the call, we will send an email quotation of the final product and it is 100% up to you to push through with the project. We don’t pressure our clients here!

If you have finally purchased the logo, we will aim to deliver our signs within 15-25 business days from the date of payment which includes production and shipping.

For express postage we can get the sign out to you for 7-12 business days from payment which includes production and shipping. Please note custom signs will take a little bit longer though the design process and if there are extra elements that you may want to include on the sign.

And that’s it! Voila! Wait for your sign to arrive!

For any inquiries, let us be of help in any way, just send us a DM to Instagram or Facebook.


Don’t forget to snap a photo of your neons and tag us, legend!