Basic - Kings Of Neon
Basic - Kings Of Neon
Basic - Kings Of Neon
Basic - Kings Of Neon
Basic - Kings Of Neon
Basic - Kings Of Neon
Basic - Kings Of Neon


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Are you ‘Basic’ but hate the term with a passion? Do you hate the fact that loving things (that everyone else loves) has been turned into a stereotypical phrase meant to be insulting? Are you basic and proud?Are you trying to take ownership over being
basic to devoid the phrase of its power over you? Well here is the least basic, most effective solution of all time. Not only do you get to show ‘Basic’ how redundant
and irrelevant it has become, but you also get a sik neon sign! Ya basic and now you can
(literally) own it

FREE With Every Purchase

Safe To Touch Technology

Don't worry about small hands touching the neon with our safe to touch technology.

Our LED Flex Neon does not emit heat or mercury like other neon signs

FREE Remote/Dimmer

Every Neon Sign that is over $399 comes with a FREE Remote/Dimmer.

Mounting/Hanging Kit

Every Neon Sign Comes with a Mounting Kit with Built in Spacers.

Get a neon and stand Out

Our Kings Of Neon Signs are used all over the world - However especially in all of your favourite venues around Australia. We love working with businesses - and businesses love working with us.

Why? Because we understand what you want and what you need and how quickly you need it. So Start Getting Noticed Today!