Gary Vee is one of our HQ heroes and we all appreciate his endless valuable content, business pep talks and inspiration. Our founder and CEO, Steve Pastor often recites and shares snippets of from podcasts, presentations and social content bombs that Gary Vee drops daily in our team meetings. We are superfans and appreciate what he is doing out there for hustlers and entrepreneurs in modern day business!

During a recent trip to the USA a couple of our team started to chat about how to give a little something back to the guy that gives so much away effortlessly. We started to chat about how cool it would be to give something a little bit special back to the man that gives us daily pump ups and help in executing on our platforms and socials. One of the team threw out getting one of Gary Vee’s favourite NFTs done in an LED neon sign. So we did!

Back in the Australian office we had the Very, Very, Very, Very Lucky Black Cat NFT delivered, done as an LED neon sign! Next step was to get it into Gary Vee’s hands!

We were looking at getting it delivered to one of his offices and would hope for the best but there was something that was telling us there was another way we needed to get it to him.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and an event we had LED neons going into rolled around and was seeing a few of the team heading back to the America. On the same day we started to work out the logistics of the US trip we were scrolling through socials and we saw the Grow with Video Live event with Gary Vaynerchuk and knew this was our chance!

Our founder Steve was on the hustle to organise the trip to the states within a few days and we put a bit more pressure on him to get to the event and get the sign into Gary’s hands!

Tickets were booked, flights prepped and Steve left Aus with the sign under his arm. To protect the sign, Steve had it as a carry on item and with Steve landing in the day before the Grow with Video Live event we knew it needed to run smoothly.

Then we got a message the sign went missing from the airline!

We all spiralled at the thought we might not get to give Gary the sign BUT within a few hours of the event kicking off, Steve had the LED neon sign in his hands ready to hand it over. We were pumped!

The Grow With Video Live event was an action packed couple of days with some absolute fire presenters. We learnt things that we were doing right and we learnt a whole heap of stuff we can be doing better. A few virtual meetings straight off the back end of the event along with our team to info dump and start implementing some of the content and video strategies for our brand.

There is a whole story that goes along with the sign getting physically into Gary Vee’s hands as Steve wasn’t able to meet and greet in person which made the story that little bit more fun and gritty - just the way we like it here at Kings of Neon!

This post is a huge fist pump moment for our team to see one of our mentors with a sign and big smile. We are so pumped we got the sign to Gary and he thought it was fire - day was made and our team were stoked to show a little bit of appreciation to the guy that influences us daily and is out there crushing life! Thank you Gary Vaynerchuk and our mate Baxter in the photo who gave GV the sign!

Thank you GV for everything you do and being a big part of our daily inspo. This pic is a moment we wont forget and appreciate everything you are doing out there!