As our team braced themselves for a busy time overseas as they got off the plane in Las vegas, they conquered the NFL drafts with flying colours and they landed back in Australia with more work that they left with. They brought home a client that requested we design the entrance archway to the Lovers and Friends Festival in Las Vegas, which was happening only a few weekends after they had landed. We were all able to come together as a team and create the perfect custom LED neon sign for their festival. A silver mirrored acrylic and a light pink LED neon glow the sign looked absolutely stunning at the entrance of the festival and we received a flood of content from those who attended the festival in front of our sign!

We love being able to connect with like minded creatives and we love the process of creating designs with our customers to give them the best possible experience and the best possible outcome. The combination of our custom LED neon sign, the flowers and the beautiful backdrops the festival was a dream come true for us and the attendees.

We are so grateful for the opportunities that have risen from the NFL Draft and from our team travelling over to Las Vegas to connect with other like minded individuals. We can’t wait for what the future has in store for us as we continue to grow and expand as both a team and a company.