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Neon signs have been in use for decades, thanks to their bright colors, cost-effectiveness, and great ability to attract customers. If you are considering installing a sign for your business, here are some of the reasons why you may want to think about using a neon sign.

Affordability: When it comes to impressing customers, a neon sign will give you some of the best results. A neon sign can help you establish yourself in the market.

High Visibility: Getting your business in front of customers is vital to its success, which is why neon signs could be the perfect advertising solution for you. Due to their attention-grabbing bright colors, they can really stand out from the crowd, sending customers your way when you need it most. After all, even if you have a fantastic business with amazing products and services to offer, if no one can see you, then how are they going to find you?

Highly customizable: One of the greatest benefits of neon signs is their ability to be customized for any business. They come in almost any shape, size, and color, so you can tailor it to meet your specific needs. No matter if your company has just opened or is a hundred years old with an established reputation, a custom neon sign will make any business look unique.

Nighttime Functionality: Decorating your storefront is an effective way to generate a greater sense of customer loyalty. Aesthetically pleasing signs help draw the eye and prompt visitors to stop in to see what you have to offer. But more importantly, neon signs are a fantastic way to attract attention from passersby during nighttime hours. Though it may be easy enough to install and work with indoor signage as well, neon signs are better suited for outdoor use.

Energy efficiency: There’s no denying that neon signs look extremely cool, and it is this factor above all others that makes them so attractive to businesses. The popularity of neon signs has led many advertisers to assume that they can’t be beaten in terms of the visual impact that they offer. However, the benefits of neon signs extend beyond simple aesthetics; low consumption of electricity (using approximately 50% less electricity than modern signs) and safe to touch technology so it won’t cost you a fortune to install and maintain them.

Built to last: Depending on how well they are assembled and installed, and how well they are maintained, neon signs can last up to 50,000 hours ( which is over 5 years).

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