From the incredible and vibrant colour palette to Sugar Crumb Events immaculate execution of the space our custom neon signs were just the icing on the cake for this glorious event! What looked like a magical night already was made even more magical through both the styling and the bright party lighting! We were absolutely in awe of the images that were sent to us by Jackie. We were so happy and over the moon to be able to be a part of this special day and milestone and to have both the neons used as a photographic backdrop was an absolute dream come true!

After seeing these images that Jackie has sent to us I’m sure that all of you are instantly ready to party now and throw the most extravagant party ever! Be sure to contact us or jump onto our neon sign shop and get yourself a custom LED neon sign! Jackie is proof that lighting and colour is everything and we are so here for it!

Big thank you to Jackie whoo!