If you have been wondering how to create a custom neon sign, Kings of Neon are here to step you through how to create the sign of your dreams.

Kings of Neon are here to help you create the neon sign of your dreams. From start to finish, Kings of Neon is your one-stop shop for creating your own custom hand-crafted neon sign. Just contact Kings of Neon and they will ask you a few questions to learn more about what you’re looking for, and then they go from there. We have a team of specialists that are able to help you get your custom design created and step you through the sign process.

There are two different types of custom design processes with Kings of Neon. You have the custom tool online which allows you to simply jump onto the website and start creating. You simply type in your text that you want on your sign and then you are able to create and change with the colour, font, size and different elements you can make your own. You can add on extras like changing the backing or where you want to use the sign… Its that simple!

The other option is if you want a more bespoke piece, a logo or something more specific, you can fill out an online form or send us an email. From there we will give you a call, chat through the design and get it mocked up with our design team. One of our sign specialists will be able to take you through the process and make sure you are getting the neon sign of your dreams.

With the different ways you can create your signs, we offer a personalised and high level of customer service to ensure that you are able to create a knock out LED neon sign. We know how important it is to have your sign be what you want and stand out for your event or in your business and we want you to love the process.

Along with the custom elements of the business we also have an online store with over 500 different neon signs. Our neon design team have created a huge range of neon signs that are popular and themed for your neon events or spaces. We love creating stand out signs and dreaming big with our clients.

Next event, party, business move or just for fun, visit www.kingsofneon.com.au to get your next sign design done with the best in the business.