It is often said that the sign of an excellent company, be it in terms of their service to their customers or in their production of products and services, is how well they cope with adversity. In light of this, recent events have put this test to companies all around the world who have responded with amazing levels of customer service and care. The result has been customers and clients all over the world more engaged and hyper aware of brands customer service and engagement with their clientele.

Along with the importance of that customer service and personalised touches, consumers are also taking notice of brands that are walking the walk and talking the talk. We are bombarded with highlight reels online and social platforms and we expect the same in real life. If we walk into a business and they aren't living up to that experience we have felt or seen online then we notice it. Signage, lighting and your space matter and this is where Kings of Neon comes in! We understand that signage matters and means so much more than just pushing names, numbers or logos out there. It’s about giving businesses an identity on our streets and communities which goes beyond just telling you who runs it. It’s about what makes them different to any other establishment down the road; not one type fits all approaches, but something unique to them through their brand identity – so why would you settle for anything less when creating yours?

Businesses these days need every advantage they can get and getting it right from day one will help them stand out amongst hundreds of like minded competitors. Customers (and potential customers) should be able to know within minutes whether they have found somewhere worth sticking around for. One way to get noticed, stand out and be seen is neon signage, strip lighting or anything that is going to light up and stand out. In a world where there is so much noise you want to make sure you are getting cut through. Start with the basics and get the simple this right and go from there. First stop signage and lighting.

Kings of Neon are Australia's leading neon sign company that knows how to get your business name up in lights. It is one of those things that is beneficial on every touch point. Lighting up your business name, showing and exposing the business name not to mention the fact that neons look super cool and are more than worthy of a square on the gram! Nothing stands out more in a shop window than a neon sign that is branded and full impact. The best part is you can also have your LED neon light on a timer to ensure that you get the wow factor through the night and it can turn off in the early hours of the morning before business kicks off again.

Then you can also go straight to Kings of Neon for all your other lighting needs. From installing strip lighting and getting creative with lighting up your space for fitout or showroom. If there is an option for lighting, we can pretty much do it. Think big and think Kings of Neon. We love bringing signage and spaces to life and look forward to loads more lighting with you!

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