So you're on route to grab your morning coffee and you decide to take a different route than usual, you end up seeing a vibrant red neon sign with the words 'COFFEE'. You can see it from a mile away! You then skip past your usual coffee spot and move along toward this fresh new fun neon sign! You have to admit seeing a neon sign is still exciting, the colours are too vibrant for you to not stop and admire it for a second or even snap a few pictures! People love neon signs. Neon signs are mesmerising and always draw attention to the business they represent.

Custom neon signs are a beautiful, curved light that is most widely used for home signage, though it's also very relevant in the business industry. The beauty of custom neon lights is its ability to retain uniqueness and individuality no matter how commonplace it might be as an advertising tool and a form of signage. These signs are instantly fun and add great style to any business no matter where you go.

Completely custom and made just for you and your business you can sit back and enjoy the constant foot traffic coming through your business, all because you've attracted people from miles away as they have followed the neon glow from your custom LED neon sign!

Although custom LED neon signs are super popular in bars and restaurants, we have seen a massive spike in custom LED neon signs in cafes and we are just head over heels in love with the look of neon signs in cafes. Especially a red or a pink neon glow just fits the vibe perfectly!

Start designing your business a custom LED neon sign today!