Neon signage will transform any space, and Kings of Neon angel wings are as fly as can be, but did you know how much an LED neon sign can elevate a room or space? Human beings love shiny things, and the brightness of our neon signs will be the centre of attention wherever you choose to mount them. As a result, they work well for outdoor and indoor use, whether for a business establishment or home decor.

angel neon sign

In addition, a neon sign is aesthetically pleasing, making it Instagrammable. This makes sure incredible snaps of your business premises will likely be shared on social media platforms, creating traction around your store. Who doesn’t want that? With all this in mind, these are some fantastic places to mount them:

  • In a bar or a restaurant
  • At a bowling alley
  • In a tattoo parlour
  • In your bedroom or a lounge in your home
  • At a themed party
  • In an arcade

Without wasting any time, let’s go straight into these places where you can put up an LED angel wings neon sign.

Hang Your Neon Angle Wings In a Bar or Restaurant

A set of neon angel wings will bring life to any themed bar or restaurant. Imagine sitting at the bar, sipping your Bloody Mary or Negroni with neon lights as part of the decor. Absolutely sublime. The eat-out scene is very photo-oriented, so rest assured that your neon angel wings will be the main attraction. This will positively affect the restaurant’s ambience and you will be surprised—more people will mill around and want to take lovely pictures by the LED neon sign.

angel wings neon sign

Our angel wings neon sign will work wonders for your clients’ Instagram feeds, and for yours too.

At a Bowling Alley

Ready, set, bowl! If you know how bowling alleys look, you will notice that they are dim, and many of them use neon lighting to brighten up the place creatively. Fun fact: The reason bowling alleys are dark is that it was believed that windows would let in light and noise, which would distract the bowlers. Bowling alleys are a place where neon angel wings would do pretty well. They are famous for their incredible lighting, and having a set of neon angel wings in the mix will lift the vibe instantly. Let our LED angel wings light up your alley today, and you can get this neon sign regardless of where in the world you are because we ship worldwide.

Neon Wings In a Tattoo Parlour

Neon angel wings and tattoo parlours are a match made in heaven. Angel wings are among the most popular tattoos out there, so having customised neon angel wings on the walls of your parlour is an excellent use of typography for decor. The bright and inviting lights from the angel wings will put your clients at ease and even probably take their attention away for a bit as they get their tattoos drawn.

Your neon sign can also draw customers in, especially if you have clear windows. Here’s a review showing how the sign attracts customers. Consider it a worthy investment for your store, trust our good quality neon sign to do the job.

In Your Bedroom or Lounge

A neon sign like angel wings can become a focal part of your interior decor. Get them instead of a regular painting, poster or graphic print, and set them above a couch or in a corner next to an accent chair. Our neon signs are made just for your home. With a 50,000 hours lifespan, they will light up your home for as long as you need them to. And you know what the best part is?

You can control their brightness with our remote control dimmer. This gives you the ease of transforming the room's ambience with the click of a button. Take your room from party central to a romantic, dimly lit cocktail date.

Angel Wings With Halo

At a Themed Party

Nothing screams cool party like LED neon signs; they would be a welcome addition to any themed party location because they would bring out the concept well. For instance, LED angel wings for a Victoria Secret Angels party would capture the theme’s full essence. Our Australian based design team is ready to bring your party to life, and custom makes the LED angel wings to your specification. Their job is to bring your vision to light.

Themed Party

In an Arcade

Arcades are fun destinations for people of all ages, and having led angel wings in your arcade will keep it buzzing and give it an extra burst of energy. Considering the number of people that frequent arcades and especially children, a neon light will draw them like magnets. The angel wings will complement all the lights from the game machines in the arcades. Any neon sign we sell has safe to touch technology, so in case little ones want to touch the pretty lights, they can do so without hurting themselves.


What Are Angel Wings Neon Signs Associated With?

Angel wings are associated with divinity, as they represent mythical creatures. Also, they represent freedom, purity, comfort and elevation. They mean different things to different people, but they most definitely are well-accepted symbols.

Where Can I Get Neon Angel Wings?

Kings of Neon is the best place to get customized neon signs, including angel wings. We have a boundless array of led signs that will blow your mind, and make your business premises or home as vibrant as ever.

What Makes LED Neon Angel Wings Glow?

It’s a combination of a number of things; the neon sign has neon gas in it, and when the gas is charged by electricity, it emits the bright colour that makes these signs so popular. Neon lights come in a range of colours; so you can get a blue, a green, or a red glow, the colour choices are endless.

Can I Get a CustomIzed Angel Wings Neon Sign?

Yes, you can. They’re more common designs that are readily available but if you want to put your own unique and personal touch, you can always work with us to customize your neon wings to you and your business. N.B: At Kings of Neon, we don’t sell glass neon (you can tell by the connection points in our signs).

Featured Image from: Flickr by Steve Collis