Neon. A luminescent, glowing element that symbolises innovation and modernity. A sign enchanted with a neon glow can breathe life to your ‘Hellos’, ‘Goodbyes’, and everything in between. With an array of colours, patterns and themes to pick and choose from, neon signs can make for great wall decor for any room.

Hang them on a wall, a door or your building’s facade—the possibilities are near endless. From sayings to logos, you’re sure to find a LED sign where the high heavens will whisper to you: “It’s a sign!”. Here at Kings of Neon, we have what it takes to light up a basic, empty room. Having been in the business since ‘19, we’ve set up LED neon sign lights in several establishments with our tight-knit crew of 8 creative people who know how to give the best service.

Well... you may be wondering, what does this mean for me? To that we say, we’ve got your back. Whatever you need your neon sign light for, peer inside as we explore the marvellous and colourful world of this great wall decor! Ready to brighten your world? Here are four LED neon sign light wall decor items that’ll spruce your wall just the way you like it!

You Had Me at Hello Neon Sign Light

pink signage pink decor can buy pink

Warm the heart of your other half with this #lit sign featuring one very famous quote. During the 1996 film Jerry Maguire, Jerry shows his love for Dorothy by telling her that he likes her by saying, "You had me at hello." When that happened, the teenage girl in us couldn't help but swoon! Whether you plan to use this sign for cute and romantic engagements or wild Valentine’s parties, this LED sign makes for some stunning wall decor.

The vintage-style LED neon sign comes with a free dimmer and remote and mounting kit with every LED neon sign. This LED neon sign light will be a great symbol of your commitment to each other. Buy the brand new You Had Me at Hello Neon Sign clicking on its picture above.

Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign Light

pink signage pink decor can buy pink

Want a sign that looks pretty in pink? From us over at Kings of Neon, we present to you this flirty ‘Hello Gorgeous’ sign. With a heavy dose of peppy positivity, this LED neon sign light will make for a great accent to your home or any space where you want to recreate an area of happiness, seduction and self-love.

This LED neon sign light is perfect for anyone looking to splash a little more colour in their lives. Whether you’re trying to set a sensual mood or just want to show off your special style, our lighted neon signs will give you all you need to #glowup. Buy the brand new Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign Light and click the sign picture above for full details. The colour range comes in tones of blue, red, green, white, pink and yellow.

Say Hello to My Little Friend Neon Sign Light

pink signage pink decor can buy pink LED Neon Sign

Whether you’re a Scarface fan or not, there’s no denying the imposing and shiver-sending feeling this sign’s message emits. Brrrr! This sign would make a nice decoration in an arcade room, bedroom or lounge. The signage breathes a fun atmosphere into any space, and can even be used as a night light!

Gift this to your friend or family to show your most genuine form of appreciation. Also coming in pink, say hello to this novelty sign by adding it to your cart. Buy the Say Hello to My Little Friend Neon Sign Light now.

Show Me the Money Neon Sign Light

Show Me the Money

A reproduction of the iconic movie quote starring Tom Cruise from the 1996 hit “Jerry Maguire”, this LED neon sign is the perfect gift for family, friends and colleagues. This neon sign light will light up any room while displaying the iconic line “Show me the MONEY!”.

Great as a gift for staff and colleagues spanning across all types of industries, this sign is sure to fire them up to get their job done right! Click on the picture above and buy the Show Me the Money Neon Sign Light.

What Do Neon Lights Symbolise?

In terms of its design element, neon overlaps with many principles. Not just limited to visual mediums, neon intercepts typography, industrial design, wayfinding, urban design and landscaping. In popular culture (think Blade Runner or Cyberpunk 2077), it also symbolises polarising axes—opulence and decadence, community and solitude, and popular culture and subculture.

Neon can be brought out to represent many things. It’s a special decorative element that almost anyone can appreciate in one way or another. You can also design your own custom neon sign to convey your best hello.

Our Expertly-Designed Features in Our Neon Sign Light

It’s reasonable to have some reservations before deciding to purchase a neon sign light. Perhaps you’d be worried if ordering one would be too much of a hassle. Will the neon sign light fit on my wall? Will the wall decor be easy to put up? How will the neon sign light’s power work? Let’s make it easy for you to decide. Here are some key features that you’re guaranteed with our neon sign light selection:

  • A lifespan of over 50,000 hours—never worry about short battery life again!
  • Dimmable with a remote control
  • Relatively lightweight, weighing in at about 3 to 5 kilograms
  • Trusted by 1000's Australia Wide
  • The technology employs a safe-to-touch design
  • Around the world shipping 🌎 (Yes, worldwide shipping!)
  • 100% Made in Australia, baby!

If these features draw you in like a moth to a flame, let’s continue.

Shipping Costs? Delivery Time?

In case you were wondering, our led neon signs are custom-made per customer and can take 5 to 10 days to touchdown in your homes. The day difference depends on the complexity of your build, as we follow strict measurements to keep your sign durable and #lit after midnight.

Shipping is free for orders over $399 through Australia Wide. Otherwise, shipping falls at a flat rate of $19. If you want to order through Express shipping, it can also be settled at a rate of $199.

What Are Our Neon Lights Made Of?

Kings of Neon use lights made out of high-quality LED flex. We don’t use glass anywhere in the manufacturing process, unlike most other neon light suppliers. This is so that we can make our signs kid-friendly and safe to hang up on walls anywhere, anytime.

The other benefits of our LED sign light wall decor include cost-efficiency, robustness and the ability to illuminate any surface. They can be mounted on any coloured acrylic backboard as well.

If you want a customised neon sign light of your own design, that’s possible too.

Contact us at or call our support team on 1800 979 733 to get in touch.

Where to Find More Great Wall Decor?

When it comes to finding beautiful wall decor, we have an extensive catalogue of great signages that you can pop on your wall.

To help find the right wall decor for you, we’ve categorised our selection into categories. Browse attractive and eye-catching signs such as:

  • Favourites
  • Animals
  • Kids
  • Naughty
  • Home
  • Wedding and Engagement
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Trend Sayings
  • Worldwide
  • Inspiration
  • Music

Found a category you’re interested in? Visit us at Kings of Neon to find the right wall decor and LED Neon Signs to brighten your home or office’s space.

Featured Image from: Flickr by HaveA7WillTravel