It’s Mardi Gras time, which means it’s time to throw on your best costume and join the party! Kings of Neon custom LED neon signs are in right now, and they’re more popular than ever. Not only do they look stunning during the daylight hours, but they illuminate brilliantly at night—perfect for partying in the City or any other part of town where celebrations are in full swing. Here are some tips on finding the perfect custom LED neon sign this Mardi Gras season!

Make your Mardi Gras party stand out from all of your friends who are throwing equally awesome parties. Kings of Neon's have custom neons signs and letters that will not only increase foot traffic, but they’ll also get people talking about how cool it is that you were able to throw a successful party. There is nothing better than seeing what was once an old sign at a local restaurant or shop reborn as something completely new and inviting.

It’s important to choose a neon sign company that can create a custom sign specifically tailored to your needs. Custom designs ensure you get exactly what you want, and won’t have to settle for something generic. The most popular sign material used in Kings of Neon's custom LED neon signs is acrylic plastic. The great thing about acrylic is that it doesn’t crack or shatter like glass can, and it gives off a very professional look. To create a custom neon sign that perfectly matches your Mardi Gras theme, you’ll need to choose a shape and size as well as a colour. If you jump online to our Kings of Neon website we have hundreds of custom LED neon signs to satisfy your Mardi Gras party needs!

By Amelia Chadwick