When we started Kings of Neon, collaboration was something that came naturally to us. We were obsessed with creating signs for our friends and family who were looking to sell their companies, start their own businesses, or brand themselves for a specific audience. In less than two years since starting our business full-time, we’ve had dozens of clients from all different industries reach out to us and ask if we’d create a custom neon sign or light installation in their shops.

We're the Kings of Personalizing Neon Signs to Businesses

One of the things that Kings of Neon knows is how to bring brands to life with neon signs and lights, meaning, how to attract customers with neon signs, or create the right ambience for your business. If you want to make your brand known, Kings of Neon can help you do that with quality neon signs and other lights that get the message across and set you apart from the competition. We have had the pleasure of being able to also collaborate with a number of businesses and have had some serious fun, opportunities and relationships that have come from it. As the saying goes, content is KING and as brands and individuals know they need to bring pop to their content, neons are a great way to add to content creation spaces that never get old!

Your Business Calls For a Neon Sign - Collaborate With Us

Kings of Neon is always looking for collaborations with other businesses. Some may see it as merely paying for signs to place outside their store, but for the modern day business that wants to stand out and build a community - building relationships is what it’s all about! That said, there are a few things we look for in order to determine if your business would be a good fit: commitment, confidence and hustle! If you have those things, then we’d love to hear from you! Leave your logo, reach out via email at social@kingsofneon.com.au or check us out on Instagram @thekingsofneon to make something happen. Looking forward to connecting with you soon, so our designers could already understand how to brighten your business.

By Sarah Martinez-Murray