World travel is certainly one of the most exciting things you can do. Neon signs are also up there. So while they may seem unrelated, they actually go much better together (in a meta way). As the world starts to open back up and you’re looking at travelling to all the favourite neon sign spots, Vegas comes straight to mind! You can’t walk a minute without seeing the lights and neon signs everywhere, the whole city is built off the neon signage and having everything over the top and to stand out in the city that never sleeps!

The bright lights are returning to the streets and it won't be long before everyone can visit their favourite neon sign spots, whether they want to or not! Its been a while and we know that we can't wait to get back out there!

Las Vegas, a city where anything goes, has long been a haven for neon signage and other forms of decorative lighting. Today, the city is more in demand than ever before because of its splendour and distraction from the noise of modern day problems. Whether you need a quick vacation from reality or something more permanent, this booming neon city is the place for you.

The outside of the hotels are adorned with lights that send messages to people passing by about what is going on inside these lavish and extravagant buildings.

Even thought Google Maps can't help you find your way in and out of each hotel, it can tell you which one is best for you at any moment in time. Hotels that have everything from private beaches to free hot dogs at every hour of the day.

So, if you love neon then say hello to Vegas, the home of all things neon. If you see any of the Kings of Neon crew travelling - we will see you there!

Or if you are keeping it a little closer to home but still want the neon theme fun, jump online and get your own mini Vegas delivered straight to your door!