We recently spoke to a number of photographers and discussed what it takes to get great content and portfolio photos. Photographers are now having to take their shoots to the next level with props, lighting and editing to get the most impact out of their shoots as the everyday person gets savvy with apps and cameras in their phones.

Using cameras has come a long way over the last few years and it is pretty incredible to think that our phones have a more powerful camera than what photographers in the past have even had access to.

After Kings of Neon launched Selfie Society with selfie booths decked out with neon signs and themes we had an influx of photographers coming in, chatting about photoshoot opportunities and neon signs. We have seen neon angel wings suspended from the ceiling, special light effects and absolute stand out neon pieces to give an extra element to photo shoots.

The nature of a photoshoot has changed and photographers need to take the extra time to get the right props, and the right backgrounds, and really make it stand out. Neon lights and signs are a joyful addition to shoots and photographers are loving the different elements the neon lights can bring.

There are so many opportunities for photographers and models alike to do something different. By adding props, lights and neon elements there is a new opportunity to get noticed and have a memorable shoot. If you are wanting to look at your next photoshoot and would like some design ideas, we have a specialist team that are able to help you with your designs of signs and props for you next shoot.

Shout out to all the photographers out there wanting to do something extra for the next shoot - contact Kings of Neon today for that stand out piece!