In Japan, during the winter, there are hundreds of great attractions you can visit at night. And what’s even most exciting is that these places are decorated with luminous LED lights. In Australia, we know that several winter events are also happening and being visited by most of the tourists. These pretty light decorations are perfect for display.

Lighting plays a huge role in creating moods and emotions for viewers. The intensity, the color and even the angle of the light and pattern can affect how they will feel.

In the industry of business, a simple way of marketing strategy is leveling up your space with a custom LED sign. Neon signs are so popular right now that we at Kings of Neon even received a hundred of orders per month for several Australia and world-wide business establishments. The attention-grabbing display that LED neon signs gave instantly made a hit in the advertising world.

Do you imagine having a magical winter wonderland with these amazing LED Neon signs?
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If you have a winter lights logo, let’s go give it a try to have it designed by KON.
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