Neon signs have been around for a long time and have been used in many different ways. They create an ambience that is warm, cheeky and inviting. Neon signs can also be used to draw attention to any business or establishment so that more people will visit it and enjoy the atmosphere. Kings Of Neon has a wide range of neon products that you can purchase either designing your own custom neon sign or purchasing a neon sign from many of the website collections.

Neon signs can add a lot of style and character to your home or business space. Here are 5 neon signs that will help you pass the vibe check;

1. ‘Carpe Diem’ neon sign

Meaning ‘Seize the day’, make the most of your present time here. The perfect piece to spice up your work space, reminding you to stay grounded and also take care of your present self. The warm orange light will create a warm and friendly ambiance, allowing everyone to feel at ease.

2. ‘Good vibes only’ neon sign

The perfect piece to strengthen the positive vibes in your work space, whilst also attracting more customers through the bright colours. Create a space for your customers to remember, give them something to talk about.

3. ‘Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life’ neon sign

Refresh your life and refresh your mind set, create the perfect positive atmosphere, remind yourself how important positivity is and how vital it is to keep a positive mindset.

4. ‘Live, Work, Create’ neon sign

Have a space wall in the office? Add a deep purple neon sign to make your work space stand out! This neon sign in particular ‘Live, Work, Create’ reminds those to combine all three of these elements. It’s by far a good stand out and will create a cool and calm atmosphere in your office space.

5. ‘Little Plant’ neon sign

Elevate the energy of your workplace with this little plant. We all know how hard it is to keep real life plants alive… So instead keep the energy alive!

To get started, click here and take a look at our collections! Search keywords like business or quotes and you will get some cool signs and your creative juices start to flow. If you want to level up your game a notch then go straight to the custom tool and design your own sign! Then for the ultimate declaration you can get in touch with the custom specialists to make the sign of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've taken a look at how you could elevate your office vibes with a neon sign. Here. are some frequently asked questions if you're still unsure.

What are the benefits of LED neon signs?

In addition to being cheap, energy-efficient and free of hazardous materials, such as mercury, LED neon signs provide:

  • Easy setup and hassle-free maintenance. Unlike traditional neon lights, there’s no need to refill gas for LED (or Flex) neon signs. Welcome to the simple life.
  • Room for artistic creativity and expression. You get unlimited options for customization, so you can design signs in all manner of shapes and colours.
  • Much-needed visibility. It could be for a bridal banquet, your home décor or a business location. Neon signage boosts your impressions by capitalizing on the way our eyes are naturally drawn to light and colour, especially in the dark.

Can you leave LED neon lights on overnight?

Yes, you absolutely can leave your neon signs on!

LED neon lights are greener than traditional glass neon. They:

  • Last over 50,000 hours
  • Cost around 20% less to run
  • Assure you of 24/7 advertising
  • Guarantee low energy consumption

Since LED neon light neither emits heat nor gets hot to touch, leaving it on doesn't pose a fire risk. And because it's remote control dimmable, you also get to adjust the light setting to meet your needs and preferences.