As business competition continues to grow and as consumers we are constantly bombarded with signage and different marketing we know that standing out matters.

At Kings of Neon we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with businesses to have neon signs that bring their business signage to life and stand out with a neon piece that gets attention for all the right reasons.

A huge amount of work we do at Kings of Neon is working closely with businesses all over the world to create their business neon signage. We can create neon logos along with printing images and colours on there to give the sign depth and variation to complete the look of your custom business sign. The options and design choices are endless when it comes to custom design of your neon signs.

A couple of the most common questions we get asked about with the neon signs is:

What is mounting and hanging and what is the difference?

Mounting is where you mount the sign to the wall. You will receive a mounting kit in with your delivery and an easy step by step video is available online to show you how to get your neon sign up on the wall. It is so simple and you don’t need to be a handyman or expert sign installer. Everything you need to mount will be included and you will have in up within minutes!

The other option is hanging and this is more popular for shop windows and places you want your sign to hang without it being fixed to a wall or a hard backing. This will also have a kit included in with your neon sign delivery and you will have this sorted and hanging in your dream neon space in no time!

How do I power my sign?

Another popular question when it comes to your neon sign. You will be pleased to know that the answer for this is also super simple. We will send you an adaptor that will match the sign size and that connect to sign and then directly into the power outlet. The clear cord that comes out of the neon sign is generally about 2 metres and then your adaptor will have about a metre to get it into the wall. You can all have an electrician install the power cords behind a wall and they will all be hidden if you want it to look invisible.

If you have anything else you wonder about neon signs, we have a dedicated neon sign specialist team that can answer all of your questions and help you create a sign that gets your space LIT!