As we come down after the absolute knock out show that is the Superbowl we are still talking about that kick ass half time showl. All over the world we were talking about the different elements that bring an event like the superbowl to life.

The talent, the stage and production, the choreographed routines, the costumes and the lights! It is an element that we often don’t pay too much attention to but we would notice if it wasnt there. Lighting is such a vital part of any sort of stage and event production work.

At Kings of Neon we have had the pleasure of being a part of events and productions that require a level of lighting that takes a show to show stopping amazing. From neon signs, LED strip lighting and production light positioning, we know how important it is to have a wow factor come out in your lights and to take an event to the next level.

One thing we know is always a winner when it comes to neon lights is bigger is always better! If you want something to be absolutely mind blowing, look at your space and how big you can go with your sign and lights!

We have sat around at Kings of Neon team meets and love to chat about everything that makes a production like Superbowl come to life. This year was so memorable for so many reasons and having the buzz off the back end of it we are pumped to see more events and productions happen over the coming months.

Wedding season is also about to hit which keeps our custom design neon sign team busy and we love seeing everyone start to enjoy themselves and have neon signs that are absolutely party starters.

Whether you are going big and all out Superbowl style or you are having something a little smaller and intimate, we can help you bring a stand out neon sign piece to your party or space. Throw in Snoop Dog and fireworks and you will be the talk of the town too!

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