Here at Kings of Neon HQ, we’re already planning how to add a little something extra to our next social events — whether it’s capturing the memories with a bespoke neon selfie sign, or basking in the big day with a glowing dance floor. We know what it takes to give that extra wow to any sized event.

We have created some of the most stunning bespoke neon signs for events and parties and we loved creating some special pieces with you. Its one of those fun, creative things that you can do that will bring so much to your party. We recently did a product launch with a local business and seeing the neon lights up and the people out and about enjoying the set up and fun was so great to see and be a part of.

We also know that events can get it expensive so it's good to know that neon signs might be cheaper than you think. Not to mention the fact that you can keep your sign shinning on in your home or special place long after the event. If you are on a budget but still want to bring neon into your theme, speak to one of our neon specialists to get the most for your money and event!

With the fun things that events these days also have to offer with photo booths and selfie opportunities that are gram worthy, Kings of Neon know how to get you the sign of your dreams to be in the photos that will last a lifetime.

From the design side, the options are endless and you can get a sign that is completely custom made to fit your theme, design and colour choices. Or you can also choose a neon sign from our online store that has over 500 products designed and on offer.

Our signs are built to last with LED neon rated at over 50,000 hours of use, so you don't need to worry about buying new ones! By the time you are due to get a new sign you will have a million new ideas you will want up in neon lights!

Get started on planning your special event today by contacting us via email or phone for a free quotation and design mock up!