Neon lights have been around for over a century.

But it wasn’t until the 1950s when commercial businesses really caught onto the neon blaze. When bars joined the bandwagon, they became inseparable from neon lights. Years later, bar owners are still counting on the allure of the neon glow to attract customers. Whether you want to leverage bar themed neon signs to recreate a vintage look for your bar or you’re looking for creative modern ways to incorporate it into your décor, we’ll show you how you can do it easily.

Fire up Your Bar Name and Logo With Neon Signs

An industry report by IBIS World showed that Australia boasts of over 8,000 bars, pubs and nightclubs. Customers will be attracted to the joints that scream excitement, so if your bar has a dingy, depressing façade, you don’t stand a chance. One way to stand out is by having a visible name and logo that can easily attract party-goers.

Incorporating neon lights in your bar’s name and logo will:

  • Ensure that customers can identify your bar from afar.
  • Increase your sales as more customers flock in.
  • Turn your joint into the neighbourhood landmark.
  • Work as a 24/7 effortless advertising strategy.

Here are some ways to do it:

Hang a Beer Neon Sign Logo

Logo neon signs for your bar
Cold Beer Neon Sign

This sparkling cold beer sign will look right in place outside your bar. Whether your pub is near the beach or on a corner in the city, the prospect of an ice-cold beer on a beautiful summer afternoon will attract any beer lover.

Your Bar Name and Logo in Neon Lights

name neon signs to make your venue stand out

See how we lit up Shady Palms and gave them a Las Vegas retro vibe and a stunning night view. You can do the same and create your custom neon design for your bar.

Attract Revelers With an Eye-Catching Open Neon Sign


It’s Friday night, and a psyched-up group of friends is scouting for the perfect bar to wind down the busy week. While there may be several joints along the street, having a cheery OPEN sign may be the invitation customers need to burst through your doors. To ensure that potential customers don’t miss your neon open sign:

  • Hang it outside your bar in a strategic position that customers can see even when they’re across the road.
  • Take advantage of bright, inviting colours such as red to create urgency, arouse appetite and portray excitement.
  • Pick a legible font style that’ll be visible from a distance.

24 Hours Neon Open Sign for Your Bar

Open 24 HRS

If your bar stays open day and night, let your customers know with this neon sign.

Show off Your Theme With Neon Bar Signs

The nightlife community has evolved. An old bar that plays the same outdated playlist and serves common drinks isn’t enough. Customers are heading to themed bars in search of unique, tailored experiences. Whether you run a sports bar or a movie-themed bar, choosing the right décor will help you nail the style, keep your patrons happy and the drinks flowing. How about using neon signs to accentuate your themed nightclub's ambience?

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Basketball Player Neon Wall Art for a Sports Bar

Aussies love sports, so you can’t go wrong with a sports-themed bar. Bring out this brilliant basketball player neon wall art to grace your walls during the NBL season. Hang it in the sitting area where die-hard fans can take Insta-worthy photos with it in the background.

Rainbow Neon Sign

If you run a gay bar, come all out with this loud and bright rainbow neon light. It’ll shower your LGBT patrons with a colourful radiance they’ll love. You can hang it at the entrance as a welcoming sign or over at the sitting booths to serve as a bold backdrop for late-night selfies. You could also use it to decorate the dancefloor and fire up the party.

Love Is Love Neon Sign to Set the Mood Right

neon signs

Here’s a bonus sign to crown the good old rainbow with some pride and love.

Light up Your Bar With Words

Word wall art is a great décor piece for accentuating a blank wall. It also allows you to give your space some personality since you can customize it with whatever message you want. To achieve a more striking look for your bar, ditch the overused wooden-framed wall art quotes for a lively neon one. Choose spirited words that’ll resonate and excite your patrons.

See these inspiring neon wall art ideas for your bar:

Good Vibes Only Neon Sign

Good vibes only neon sign

Cheery laughter, clinking glasses and upbeat music fill your club. It’s an exhilarating night, and what a better way to put it into words than with this Good Vibes Only sign. You can place it over the bar counter as a statement piece or in the sitting booths as a radiant photo backdrop.

Let’s Party Neon Sign

Lets party neon sign

It’s almost midnight, and after a couple of shots, everybody is dying to bust a move on the dancefloor. This dazzling neon wall art sign would fit perfectly on the dancefloor to let your customers know it’s time to let loose. Hang it at eye level so the party-goers can take drunken selfies to splash on their social media. It comes with a remote and dimmer so you can reduce its brightness levels.

Announce the Day’s Specials

Drink specials followed by an exciting bar event are the ultimate crowd-puller.

Besides your unforgettable classic margarita cocktail, customers will keep coming back for the lively ambience in your bar. Decorating with magnificent neon signs that reflect the day’s specials will light up your bar and dazzle your customers.

Here are some ideas you can borrow from:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Neon Sign

It’s ladies’ night, and the girls have come out to play in droves—the boys are in tow. This neon sign will give your full house a fun atmosphere with its cheery party glow. Hang it as a statement piece over the bar counter where the ladies will queue for free drinks. You can also turn it into a fun activity by rewarding customers who post pictures and tag you on socials with more freebies. This way, you’ll generate some free social media buzz and marketing.

Live Music Neon Sign

Live music noen sign

Hosing live music in your bar can turn an otherwise slow Thursday into a festival. As your competitors play tired recordings, stir things up with the town’s favourite band and pull in the crowds. Hang this blinking neon sign outdoors to let party-goers know where the fun is at. You could also use it to decorate the stage where the live band will be playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between Glass Neon and LED Neon?

The most notable difference is that glass neon comes in handmade glass tubing while LED neon is packaged in a high-quality unbreakable PVC. LED neon also shines brighter than glass neon.

At Kings of Neon, we make all our signs with LED Flex to ensure you get a long-lasting glow.

Besides the appearance, LED neon outshines glass neon in performance.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the differences:

Features LED Neon Glass Neon
Affordability Cheaper to buy and maintain High buying and maintenance cost
Lifespan Lights for over 50,000 hours Lights for close to 10,000 hours
Installation Easy to hang with no expertise needed Requires special installation
Energy-efficiency Lower power usage thus lower electricity costs Higher power usage resulting in high electricity bills
Safety Concerns Unbreakable, cool to the touch and doesn’t emit mercury Shatters easily, gets hot and may emit mercury

Do You Have to Plug in a Neon Sign?

While there are some battery-operated neon signs in the market, all Kings of Neon lights need to be plugged in. This way, you don’t have to worry about your bar neon light going off in the middle of a zesty party because of a dead battery. Using electricity is also more cost-effective, especially for outdoor neon signs that stay on 24/7.

Are Bar Neon Lights Worth It?

Yes, they are!

Their radiant glow will create a spirited and happy ambience in your bar that’ll keep customers coming back for more.

Even more, you can easily design your sign and unleash all the wild ideas you have. Our professional designers will help you turn your dreams into glamorous neon art.

Interested in more neon signs ideas?

Browse through our collections and get your bar neon-lit.