Calling the attention of all gaming enthusiasts, board game collectors, and pool sharks!

Do you want to transform your arcade into a fancy and lively space with many colours and lights? A space where family and friends can gather around and enjoy a moment of fun, laughter, and games? A room where memories are cherished and relieved?

We have an answer for this—the best! Okay, drums roll

Introducing neon gaming lights! Neon lights are the latest technique to add an artistic twist to any room and space. You can make neon signs work in your gaming arcade in classy and aesthetically pleasing ways. As for a commercial business environment, neon signs can:

  • Increase the chances that your business gets noticed.
  • Accent your space to make it more modern and futuristic.

Remember, gaming isn’t just for geeks and children. Today, even boomers in their late fifties want an outlet to relieve their daily stress. Hence, today we’ll be getting into the nitty-gritty details of all things neon signs. So stay tight; it’s about to get lustrous!

A Classy Neon Sign Using Creative Words

Where words fail, neon signs speak. (okay, we made that up). The best way to use a LED neon sign is by spelling out words that create a specific mood in the room. Remember, the biggest perk with gaming is that it evokes an ethereal experience in the mind of a gamer. A custom made neon sign can enhance this feeling. In short, you want to create an atmosphere that resonates with motivation and ambience.

A neon sign that tells gamers they’re in a happy place:

happy place

This neon sign can be mounted on a plain wall or an acrylic background. The good news is that you can choose different words to convey various themes. And now you’re probably scratching your head trying to come up with catchy word ideas. Well, we did the hard work for you. Try out these ideas:

  • Game responsibly
  • Eat, Game, Sleep, Repeat
  • Let the games begin
  • Gaming is believing
  • Gamers don’t play to lose
  • Who runs the world? Gamers
  • Gaming is life
  • A game is never over until it’s over.

Note: The neon sign lighting should always complement the games in your arcade. If your gaming arcade deals with video games, choose LED strips as they’re better fitted for overhead lighting.

Keep in mind that RGB spectral colour deflections can strain the eyes. Try to balance the interior neon lighting so it doesn’t cause internal eye damage to people. You can choose lighter hues that aren’t too bright.

Use LED Neon Signs to Create a Futuristic Theme in Your Gaming Zone

LED Neon Signs

Gamers are dreamers. They don’t live in the present. Their lives are an imagination away from reality. As Lana Ekasallee says, “Gamers don't fear the apocalypse,”; they live in the future.

Using a neon sign to decorate your gaming space provides many benefits to your business. However, you need to ensure the neon sign communicates your intended message in clear language. You want to avoid:

  • Being too wordy: Having blocks of text that tire the eyes
  • Copyright infringement: Your neon sign should be unique and original
  • Brand message: A neon sign that doesn’t speak about your brand or what you do

Believe it or not, the setting above can also work in a man cave or an artsy bedroom. For this neon light sign to work correctly, hire a professional to help with installation. You’ll also need to invest in quality lighting to achieve the desired look. Our neon light signs provide the best results and are built with high-quality materials. Check out this client testimonial:

John G.
John G. customer review

A Neon Sign That Shows a Lot, While Saying Less

Ever heard of the phrase “show, don’t tell?” Well, this doesn’t just apply in literary works. It also works magic in the advertising world. You want an LED neon sign that evokes feelings, thoughts, and senses when people see it—a neon sign that speaks about your business without saying a lot.

How about a Playstation Neon Sign with button icons?

Playstation Neon Sign

You can keep this LED neon light running 24/7. “But what about the electricity bill?”. Now, you don’t have to worry yourself too much about energy consumption.


Here’s a not so known fact about neon LED signs: They’re energy-efficient. Remember, we’re living in times where sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, and having a neon sign that consumes low energy will help you game responsibly while keeping the planet green. A red neon light consumes 3.5–4 watts per foot. This means if you run it for 12 hours, it would typically consume 15–18-kilowatt-hours of energy per year compared to a fluorescent which consumes 50 per cent more than this.

Neon Sign That Shows Direction and Accent Items

Gamers know the direction they want to take in life. But they don’t want to keep using Google Maps every time they want to locate their favourite gaming arcade. They’ll pitch camp at your competitor’s arcade—and we know this is bad for business. (these cheeky gamers need to be pampered with love and direction, okay?)

How about an LED neon sign with bold and bright arrows pointing directly to their favourite hangout?

Once the directional neon light is in place, bring in our favourite fictional character from Pokémon to complement the internal decor.

Pikachu Pokémon

Neon lights are commendable because of the visibility they impart in the display. Unlike fluorescent lamps, they’re not a directional source of light. This way, gamers choose them as their favourite picks since they provide excellent 360-degree illumination.

Another super fun way to use neon lights is to accent them to household items in your home. If you’re a bloke who wants to add some ‘life’ to your man cave, you can use an LED neon light to brighten up those classic vintage paintings hanging on your wall. If you feel super terrific about yourself, don’t forget to add an extra sign on your bedroom door for positive affirmation. Something like:

We know you do!

Neon Signs: Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Difference Between LED Neon and Glass Neon?

Yes. Here are the fundamental differences between the two:

Key Benefits Glass Neon LED Neon
✅ Affordability Expensive to repair and maintain Cheaper to repair
✅ Energy Use High energy consumption (input voltage of 3KV–18KV) Low energy use (input voltage of 24V/120V)
✅ Ease of use Zero flexibility: Bending the glass tubes is challenging More versatile in terms of colour and designs
✅ Longevity 10,000 hours 50,000 hours
✅ Safety measure Emit heat and break easily (unsuitable in a setting with small children) No heat emission

Do Neon Signs Provide Adequate Brightness?

Yes. Neon signs are dazzling. Whether you’re using them in a business setting or your man cave, they provide enough illumination as needed. Even better, you can dim the light based on personal preferences.

What About Installation?

Hello there DIYer. We have some good and bad news for you.

Let’s start with the bad news. If you’re dealing with a complex neon sign, it's challenging to hang it on a wall. Talk to a professional who can get the work done.

The good news? The process is straightforward once you have the right tools. (yay!) As a rule of thumb, ensure the lighting strips face outwards with no twisting. This way, you don’t damage your strip, and it won’t affect the brightness.

Light Up Your Business the Neon Way

If you want to cut costs on creative and splashy signage, neon signs are your best bet.

They produce the right bright intensity that gets people talking about your business while giving your brand a positive vibe.

At Kings of Neon, we pride ourselves on creating the best neon signs for all types of businesses. We’re based in Australia, but we also sell globally.

Browse our collection today and make your order.