Your wedding day should be as perfect and memorable as you envisioned it to be. At the end of the day, you should be happy that you’ve married the love of your life and your guests should be glad they attended. So, how do you make sure everyone has the time of their life at your wedding?

Create a festive ambience by incorporating the cheery glow of neon signs into your wedding decor. Whether your wedding theme is classic or modern, neon art will add unmatched radiance to your decor. From shining light to boring areas to creating edgy backdrops, you’ll have endless decoration options with neon signs. We’ve rounded up some of our wedding neon signs to spark your creative streak and inspire you to design your own.

Hang a Bold Neon Statement Piece

neon wedding sign

Research shows that today couples are willing to spend more to make their weddings personalized. Besides embracing more casual dress codes and special menus — including vegan options, decorating the wedding venue with custom décor, like a neon sign, is top of the trends.

A neon statement piece can accentuate your wedding decor to magical levels. Hang this bold neon sign at the wedding reception over the sweetheart table to create a breathtaking effect and a stunning backdrop for the wedding photos. This piece measures 150 cm making it big enough to create a focal point and draw in your guests’ attention. Even better, the lights come in an array of shades including fiery red for a dramatic effect and soft white for a minimalist look.

Incorporate Your Wedding Vows

neon wedding sign

Would you like to proclaim your vows under glowing neon lights and make your spouse feel special? This eye-catching neon wedding signage is a perfect backdrop for the altar where you’ll say your “I do’s”.

For most weddings, it’s tradition to exchange wedding vows and rings as a symbol of promises of love and life-long commitment to each other. Whether you settle for religious or personalized vows, illuminating your words in neon wall art is a sure way to leave an imprint on your loved one’s heart. You can reuse it after the wedding as a trendy piece for your home décor.

Set Up an Electric Photo Booth

custom neon sign

Photo booths provide the perfect location for guests to capture all the fun they’re having at your wedding. Besides, your professional photographer might be too busy capturing your beautiful moments to take random guests’ pictures.

This insta-worthy neon wedding sign is a thumbs up for your guests to let loose, have fun and snap memorable crazy pictures. Set up a photo booth where it can attract guests such as near the bar, dance floor or outdoors. You can use this sign as your main backdrop or add some glamour to your theme. Make it even more inviting by throwing in some cool props that your guests can use to strike a pose. Don’t forget to set a hashtag that your guests can use when sharing the photos. You’ll love seeing how your guests loved your wedding.

Light Up the Dance Floor with a Neon Wedding Sign

neon wedding sign

You’ve taken your vows and it’s time to party. You take your first dance but your guests are still glued to their seats. Your boring dance floor is uninviting. These bright neon lights will transform that empty dance floor into a carnival. You can go for the fiery red or orange shades to light up the floor and entice your guests to bust those moves.

If your theme has a laid back colour scheme, you can choose subdued hues of white and blue that will still pop up unobtrusively in the background. Remember, your energy will reflect on your guests so as the neon light the dance floor, lead the way and dance like you never will.

Jazz Up the Bar

custom neon signs for your wedding day

The bar is going to be the most popular spot at your wedding. It’s where guests will sip your carefully prepared cocktails as they catch up, congratulate you and be happy. Ignoring the bar decor could therefore drag down the party vibes. Whether your watering hole is a DIY or part of the wedding reception hall, this funky neon sign will breathe life into it. Mount it above the bar where it can shine its radiance on your guests and also provide an exciting backdrop for those cocktail selfies.

Illuminate the Exit with a Dazzling Send-Off

Just Married
Just Married

Congratulations newlyweds! Your nuptials ceremony is over and your guests serenade you with hearty cheers as you make your way to the getaway car. The fun doesn’t have to end here. Make your grand exit with this spectacular just married wedding signage that brightly announces your fete to the world. Hang it outside the exit doorway and let the dramatic red lights flood your way with love and joy. You can surround it with a garland of lush greenery or gorgeous flowers to make it picture-perfect for your last wedding shot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Should I get a neon sign for my wedding?

Yes, you should. Whether you have a traditional or unconventional wedding, neon lights add a spectacular glow to your decor. You can design your own signage allowing you to be as creative, witty or subtle as you want and add a personal touch to your big day’s decorations.

No matter your wedding theme, you’ll find the perfect neon sign from our array of 15 colours with different sizes and acrylics.

How do you hang neon wedding signs?

The decor used in wedding venues are hung temporarily and should therefore be easy to install and uninstall.

Our neon signs weigh between 3-5 kg making them super light and easy to install. We also pre-drill holes on them to make them easy to mount with some heavy-duty hooks or nails. No worries if your venue doesn’t allow you to drill holes as you can easily put up your neon lights with double-sided tape.

How long do neon lights last?

Our Kings of Neon signs are made from high-quality LED flex giving them a longer life span of over 50,000 hours compared to traditional neon glass which will only light for close to 10,000 hours. Therefore, your neon signs will be a souvenir from your wedding that will last for decades. You’ll love that neon LED signs are shatter-resistant and can’t break even if they fall amidst the melee of setting up your wedding décor. What’s more? They’re made with safe-to-touch technology which means they don’t overheat and are energy-efficient, unlike other neon signs.

Can I use my neon sign outdoors?

Yes, our neon signs will look glorious in your garden or beach wedding. Our lights are durable and weather-resistant. They also have a bright glow that is visible even in outdoor daytime light. We also give you a free dimmer so that you can regulate the light for a picture-perfect backdrop. Rest assured of high-quality with a 6-month warranty for your outdoor signs and an 18-month warranty for indoor lights.

How long will it take to get my LED neon sign?

We take 5-10 days to have your neon sign lit and ready for your wedding. Get started here by creating your own design. You can work with our designers to get your ideas on paper and once you approve, we’ll get down to work. All our neon signs are handmade to ensure we capture all the details and deliver a breathtaking glow.